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A New Day is Dawning

Do you feel totally out of balance these days?

I know I do.

With the world in the midst of major chaos and upheaval--war, suffering, death, illness, starvation, political lies, deceit, corruption--there appears to be no good news. Anywhere. The mainstream and social media outlets continue to pump out their fear narrative and do everything they can to frighten, intimidate, and separate us.

I find myself struggling to find a balance between my heart (which believes in humanity's innate goodness) and the outer world (which is exhibiting the ugliness of egoistic human behavior).

In order to write this blog, I spend a lot of time reading, studying, and researching all sides of the current issues. And I find that it's SO incredibly easy to sink into the depths of fear, depression, helplessness, and despair.

But the converse is that, when I try to tune out the noise of the world and focus on my personal mental health and physical well-being, I feel guilty. If I ignore the news (which I would much rather do), I feel that I'm not doing my part to help.

I feel totally out of balance.

But. There. Is. Good. News.

This weekend, billions of people around the world, Christians and Jews alike, will celebrate the most holy of days in their respective calendars.

Christians will celebrate Easter; and, as they remember the crucifixion, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, declare victory over sin and death.

Jews will celebrate Passover; and, as they remember the bondage and slavery suffered by the Israelites, commemorate their delivery out of Egypt and into freedom.

Regardless of the religious differences, there is a shared, central message.

A victory has been won. Humankind is free.

Easter and Passover show us that we CAN overcome whatever constraints and limitations we believe are holding us back. We are made in God's image; and regardless of what the world does to us or tells us, we ARE free.

By exercising our sovereign freedom, we WILL transform the world.

A new day is dawning.

As we celebrate this Easter and Passover, let us remember that freedom is a gift bestowed upon us by God, not by men.

It is this truth that will keep us all in balance.

"Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity."

-Herbert Hoover


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Apr 20, 2022

Thank you Dale, for this ray of hope. My philosophy is to get up every morning and find or create some form of happiness in each day!! Hope you had a very Happy Easter.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

Thanks again, Jeri. That's a great philosophy and words to live by!


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