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All Traffic Must Exit

We’ve all faced them—those critical decision points when we have to make a choice that will determine the trajectory of our lives for the rest of time.

College (or not). Career. Getting married (or not). Having children (or not). No matter what decision you make, it will alter the course of your life and things will never be the same.

A great visual example of what I’m talking about is the above photo of the “Dallas High-Five Interchange.”

You can look at this interchange as a metaphor for the course of human events. We're each in a car living our daily lives, going about our own way. But then suddenly, we enter the interchange….a crucial decision point. No matter which direction we enter from, we must decide where we’re going to come out. Which way do we go? East, west, north, or south?

The direction we choose determines our destination and the outcome of our trip. Even if we DON'T make a decision and try to stay on the course we’re on, it’s still a decision and we’ll end up somewhere!

History shows that, every so often, ALL of humanity converges on an interchange at the same time; and, as a collective, is faced with the same decision point.

Just in the last 80 years, two of these convergences stand out. The biggest was WWII, when the entire world became embroiled in the battle for the global domination of fascism. Millions of people, at the same point in history, united and made a choice to take a stand against evil.

The other convergence was 9/11. After witnessing the horrific images of that day, Americans and citizens in countries all around the world were shocked out of their daily routines and forced to look at their lives in a way they never had before. The fear of being attacked in one’s homeland became palpable and led to the passage of laws that would forever change the global landscape.

Which brings us to 2021. As a human collective, we are at another global interchange; and we are rapidly approaching a convergence of timelines that will change the path of human history yet again.

The decision, to be made by each of us, is: will we stand up for, and claim, our God-given sovereignty and freedom; or will we cede our power to those who seek to control us?

As an aid to helping us make this decision, let’s look at two of the directional “signs” we are seeing as we enter the interchange...

Government authorities and some medical experts say, “TRUST THE SCIENCE.” They tell us to wear masks. They impose lockdowns to keep us “safe.” They coerce us to get vaxxed. They say vaccine mandates are the only way to stop the spread of the disease. They employ law enforcement personnel to use force against anyone protesting against their rules.

Just look at what’s happening around the world, as of this writing:

On the other hand, heavily censored medical experts say the “science” is skewed and that the data shows something entirely different than the approved narrative. They say masks are pointless. They say there are safe and effective treatments for COVID-19 that governments have suppressed. They say the vaccine has not been adequately tested, adverse effects are ever-increasing around the world, and that the vaccine is harming more people than it is helping.

This 15-minute video illustrates why millions of people globally are refusing the vaccine and don’t trust what is being told to them by politicians, biased medical authorities and the media. Whistleblowers are coming forward with disturbing reports of FDA employees advocating a “Nazi-style registry” of the unvaccinated and going door-to-door to inject them. Here is a resource site providing frontline medical information without the politicized science and Big Tech spin.

Bottom line, regardless of what each of us believes, we must make a choice that’s going to affect our future.


Election integrity is being questioned all over the world. In the U.S., the Democrat Party firmly denies that there was any fraud in the 2020 election. "There is no evidence." "It’s a conspiracy theory." "It’s the Big Lie." "Move along – nothing to see here!" They even filed lawsuits to keep the audit in Arizona from moving forward.

However, people closely tied to the Arizona forensic audit have stated that there IS evidence of rampant fraud. The Arizona State Senate is set to release on Friday, September 24th, the findings of the forensic audit of the 2020 election vote in Maricopa County. And now, this audit has stirred at least five other states to investigate election fraud in their own jurisdictions.

Isn’t election integrity something EVERY global citizen should support?


SO…we are at the critical decision-point interchange.

People around the world are questioning the infringements on their rights and freedoms and the shackles being placed on them by a relatively small handful of controllers.

Do we trust what our governments are telling us and just go along to get along; or do we use our own discernment to determine what is the right direction for us?

Do we give up our freedoms, medical information and personal information in exchange for "safety"; or do we stand for individual sovereignty and liberty?

Do we support voting integrity and free and fair elections; or do we blindly accept what is told to us?

We can debate endlessly as to WHY we got here. But I believe it’s better to concentrate on WHAT we can do about it.

Be proactive. Be brave. Stand up. Take action. Use your voice.

Start a discussion group with neighbors and friends to research and disseminate information that is not seen on mainstream media or is censored from social media. Get involved in your local schools to protect your children and grandchildren. Volunteer with your local election boards. Support strong candidates who aren’t afraid to stand up to the powers that be.

Stay steady, Patriots. Brighter days are ahead on the other side of the intersection!

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

-Theodore Roosevelt

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09 déc. 2021

I love your blog. Great content.


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