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Don't Buy It!

There is so much in the news right now that it's tough to pick one subject to focus on (e.g., Trump indictments, Biden bribery scandals, 2024 election poll numbers, etc., etc.) So, instead of trying to delve into any of that, let's talk about the one thing that everyone knows something about...

The weather.

Have you seen any of the recent weather-related news headlines? The oceans are boiling!! The planet is on fire!! There's a HEAT STORM sweeping the world!! TRIPLE DIGIT DANGERS!! The HEAT DOME is building!!

What the heck is a heat storm anyway? In the past, normal people just called it SUMMER!

It's like the old joke, "You know it's hot outside when you go outside and it's hot."

All the headlines and drama make it look and seem like the Earth is a flaming hellscape.

And it's all being done to scare us into buying into the globalist climate change agenda.

It's a PSYOP.

By definition, a PSYOP (Psychological Operation) is a method of manipulating a population in order to induce or reinforce behavior that is favorable to certain objectives.

We know that one of the goals of the global elites is to control our daily lives through their climate agenda. We've seen the push for electric vehicles, the elimination of meat, the elimination of fertilizer, the push for insects as food, the elimination of gas stoves and water heaters. We've also watched THEM exhibit behaviors that don't support their "grave concern" for the climate (e.g., flying private jets to their exclusive gatherings, dining on the finest Wagyu beef available, etc.) It's always, "Rules for thee, but not for me."

Remember this picture showing 1,500 private jets belonging to those attending the UN Climate Summit in Davos, Switzerland?

So, how do the controllers soften us up and condition us to roll over and accept their next big power grab? How will they frighten us so badly that we're willing to hand over our freedom and beg them to save us from the coming "climate catastrophe?"

The answer: a PSYOP.

Let's take a look at just how this works.

First of all, it's August. It's hot. July was hot, too. Summers are generally hot. Triple digit temperatures are not uncommon in certain regions. Just ask people who live in Phoenix, Las Vegas, or near Death Valley. They live there, and they're used to it.

But if you watch or read mainstream media, you'd think it's the end of the human race. Take for example, this article describing a guy in Phoenix who services people's swimming pools. (Note: It's hot in Phoenix so most people have pools. Duh!) It's portrayed as scary that he has to put on extra layers of sun-protective clothing, take electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated, and go to work earlier in order to face the INFERNO. Wow. Yep, that's the word they use. This guy has probably lived in Phoenix his whole life and knows that this is what you do in the summer.

Here's United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, declaring that "the era of global warming is over. We've now entered the era of global BOILING!" Notice the imagery in this video as the reporter says it's been a "cruel, cruel summer":

Can you remember, in more normal times, when weather maps shown on the 6:00 news depicted green for land, brown for mountains, and blue for oceans?

Now take a look at how a subliminal mind control psyop works...

Notice the colors. Doesn't it look like the entire United States has become a flaming wasteland?

And check out the color palette The Weather Channel's graphics people used to illustrate the water vapor loop in the Atlantic:

This is the Atlantic Ocean! The dry air looks like flames. The ocean looks like ashes. The clouds and storm cells look like smoldering embers. This is the image they literally want to burn into your mind.

And check out this example from two different weather forecasts in Europe (note that the temperatures are in Celsius)…

The map on the top is from 2017. The map on the bottom is from 2022. The temperatures on the bottom map are cooler than those on the top map, yet they have changed the color to scare people. Can you feel the heat when you look at it? That's exactly how the climate change psyop works!

Of course, the fact checkers are in on the psyop, too. Snopes proclaims, "No, weather maps aren't scare-mongering about climate change." Meteorologists say they're just using these colors as a helpful tool to illustrate temperatures across the globe. Our conscious minds nod and agree with the words they're saying, but our subconscious minds are locking these images away.

Another manipulation trick employed by the psyop is to have you believe that this has never happened before--that this is a new phenomenon and we MUST act now before it's too late.

But is this "heat storm" really the hottest on record? Not by a long shot. Take a look at NOAA's own data:

It was hotter for longer in the 1930's!

Check out this chart for extreme heat temperatures compiled for each of the 50 states.

NONE of these temperature records were set in 2023. But, of course, you wouldn't know it by listening to the media and the climate change fanatics.

When the global controllers declare a climate emergency (and possibly...another lockdown?), they'll try to scare you into remembering those vivid images of the planet burned to a crisp, the oceans boiling, and some poor polar bear stranded on a piece of ice that broke away from the melting ice caps.

You can be sure that the fabricated climate crisis IS coming--and sooner than we think.

The media already has the propaganda plans in place. Below is a CNN producer caught on a hidden camera divulging the media's plans for the whole climate change charade:

It WILL be another tyrannical power grab, just like the pandemic lockdowns.

In addition to our gasoline-powered vehicles, they're coming for all of our gas appliances, furnaces, water heaters, landscaping equipment, portable generators and charcoal grills. They're even planning to try to block out life-giving sunlight by spraying aerosols into the atmosphere in order to cool the planet. (What could go wrong?)

According to the globalists and socialists, climate change is always our fault; and the only solution is spending more of our money and requiring us to give up our freedoms. This is a major psyop that we are witnessing in real time.

This psyop is like used underwear at a flea market...don't buy it!

The first tool of authoritarian regimes is always informational control—both in the gathering of information on the public through surveillance and the filtration of information to the public through owned media.

-Christopher Wylie


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