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Driving the Wedge

Ah, yes...."Woke-ism."

Have you heard about DEI--the latest woke mantra of the progressive left? DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and it falls under the overarching theme of the religion of "woke-ism." The powers-that-be say that DEI is a wonderful thing because it establishes policies that make people of various backgrounds feel welcome and ensure that they have support to perform to the fullest of their abilities.

Sounds nice, right? All sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.


As with most of the progressive left's phrases, "diversity, equity and inclusion" doesn't mean what most of us would understand it to mean. It falls into the same category as these other phrases that the left have "redefined":

  • "Reproductive rights" means "abortion"

  • "Combatting misinformation" means "censorship"

  • "Ukrainian sovereignty" means "World War III"

  • "Science" means "Big Pharma"

  • "Gender affirming care" means "child genital mutilation"

  • "Minor-attracted person" means "pedophile."

So let's take a closer look at how the ministers of "woke theology" have redefined diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity, to you and me, means having different and distinct characteristics. Woke theology says that diversity is any person with characteristics that are not normal. And they define normal as being white, Christian, masculine, heterosexual, or cisgender (identifying with the sex a person is born as). You are only considered to be "diverse" if you have any of the identified NON-normal characteristics.

Equity works in much the same way. Although the pundits readily admit that there is no consistent definition for the term "equity," the progressive left is moving full-steam ahead with defining "equity" as "fairness." And guess who gets to define "fairness"? THEY DO. To them, the meaning of "fairness" stems from the Marxist tradition of, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." And guess who gets to define what someone's needs are? THEY DO.

Inclusion is the third leg of the DEI stool. In woke theology, being inclusive means welcoming or inviting NON-NORMAL people (see Diversity above). "Inclusion" does not mean welcoming straight, white, cisgender men, for example. That's because (as they would argue) straight, white, cisgender men are already welcomed in all aspects of society. Therefore, the woke can exclude groups of people and still be "inclusive." An example of this in practice is a school that hosts a racially segregated student summit for everyone EXCEPT white students. This would be considered an "inclusive" event even though it excludes white attendees.

Remember how "Black Lives Matter" was celebrated...but "All Lives Matter" was considered to be blasphemy?

I think you see how this works.

The goal of DEI is to separate us. And, if you look a little deeper, you'll see the clear reason for this intentional separation -- POWER.

It's only through creating resentment and pitting one group against another that the progressive leftists are able to stay in control. DEI zealots believe that any person belonging to a "marginalized" group is a victim of the white patriarchal society; and is deserving of special treatment simply because they exist. Content of character, ability, initiative, and competence hold NO value in the DEI world.

Let's look at some examples of how DEI has a stranglehold on everything Americans hold dear, and is causing our society to D-I-E...

First, here's a woman describing the sin of being born white. This is what the left means by "equity":


School districts in California and other parts of the country are eliminating honors classes in the name of "equity." So instead of offering non-white students opportunities to get up to speed, white and Asian students are being denied the opportunity for advanced education. To the left, academic excellence is a sin if too many whites or Asians excel.


The same can be said for varsity sports. We've all heard about trans-women and trans-men competing in sports with their biological counterparts (e.g., Lia Thomas, a biological male, swimming against biological females). If schools are using skin color and sexual orientation as their measure of diversity, why even have varsity sports at all?


Joe Biden has just signed an executive order requiring all federal agencies to install "agency equity teams." These teams are to "address the barriers underserved communities may face in accessing and benefiting from the agency’s policies." Essentially, he's ordering the federal government to be even MORE racist.

Think about this when you board a plane for your next business trip or vacation. Woke airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have LOWERED the standards for pilots and air traffic controllers to meet "equity goals." According to industry experts, passenger safety is most definitely at risk. Are people going to DIE in the name of DEI?

Even commercial pilots are worried and won't let their families fly commercial airlines.


Common, everyday words are the playground of the woke, equity fanatics. Last week, we found out that the word "fitness" should be abolished, because it is "ableist" and is discriminatory against people with disabilities.

And did you know that these same woke extremists have gone after beloved author Roald Dahl's books, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Augustus Gloop can no longer be "fat." He's now "enormous." Oompa-Loompas are now gender-neutral. Instead of "small men," they are now "small people." To get a sampling of the hundreds of changes to Roald Dahl's works by woke editors in the name of equity and inclusion, click here.


We've all seen that the "defund the police" agenda isn't working out well. With rising crime rates in major cities all across the country. the anti-police faction has come up with another brilliant idea in the name of equity and fairness--"defund police DOGS." Yep, lawmakers in California are introducing a bill to defund police dogs, because of equity and racial bias.


As we stand on the brink of World War 3, and Chinese balloons are floating over our country, isn't it comforting to know that our woke Department of Defense is concentrating on expanding transgender policies and DEI as a "strategic imperative for mission readiness?" I'm not sure how much diversity and equity will really matter when the bullets start flying and nuclear missiles are launched. Wouldn't it be better to describe the military's "strategic imperative" as defending the United States?

And finally, let's look at the entire Biden administration for examples of just how well DEI has been working out. How many top officials have been put in their jobs, not because they are qualified, but because they check a box on the requirement of diversity, equity and inclusion?

1. Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States. She's the first minority female vice president. But how well has she done? Biden put her in charge of the border; and we've now had over 2.3 MILLION illegal immigrants cross the border since they took office.

Kamala Harris has been criticized for not visiting the border. But, to set the record straight, she HAS visited the border...once...800 miles from where the action is.

Competent? No.

Diversity box checked? YES.

2. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary. Arguably the worst press secretary ever, but she does check a lot of boxes on the scorecard for DEI. She's black, female and gay.

3. Pete "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation. Totally unqualified by any stretch of the imagination for his position in the president's Cabinet. He has ZERO experience with anything regarding transportation. But, hey, he ran for president; he lost; and he's gay; so why not make him a Cabinet secretary?

Buttigieg has been at the center of some mammoth transportation debacles in the last two years--supply chain crises and thousands of airplanes grounded because of a deleted computer file in the FAA database. Now he was AWOL for nearly three weeks after the train derailment in Ohio caused a mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals and an ecological disaster. (He did, however, show up in East Palestine on February 23, 2023; after he was shamed by President Trump, who went there first.) When a reporter asked Mayor Pete about the derailment, he basically said it wasn't a big deal because there are a THOUSAND train derailments each year. Sounds like he's doing a good job.

After all, who needs a competent transportation secretary when you can have the first one who's gay? Check that box.

4. Sam Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy. Sam was hired by the Biden administration to be in charge of our nuclear waste disposal.

But instead of managing nuclear waste disposal, he was more interested in stealing luggage. Brinton's tenure, however, was only six months long. He was fired in December 2022 after he was charged twice for luggage theft. In an interesting twist to this sordid tale, it turns out that Sam is not only a luggage thief, he's a fetishist. An African fashion designer has accused him of wearing her designer clothes that were in a suitcase she reported as lost in 2018. Well, maybe it wasn't "lost" because here's evidence of Sam wearing her designer clothes:

But hooray! Another great DEI hire--gender-fluid, non-binary, uses they/them pronouns and just plain weird. Check, check, check and CHECK!

5. Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Rachel Levine (born a biological male who was named Richard) is a pediatrician who advocates for the genital mutilation of children.

Another box checked.

And lastly, here's Karine Jean-Pierre touting the "diversity" and "inclusivity" of the White House and the President's Cabinet:

Just to be clear...I am certainly not criticizing these people because of their skin color or sexual orientation. I am pointing out their incompetency. Competency should be the first box that is checked.



Is this how we come together as a nation--by letting the progressives divide us into marginalized groups of victims?

DEI is NOT our friend. It is a direct assault on the Constitution, our society, and our values.

Remember this simple truth: a divided society is easier to control.

"Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here."

-Eleanor Roosevelt


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3 commenti

12 mar 2023

On point about being able to check off a box. DEI is the enemy and one the the most destructive tools used by the left. The goal is to destroy the country. It's frightening.

Mi piace

25 feb 2023

Right on point!

Mi piace
Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
28 feb 2023
Risposta a


Mi piace

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