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Follow the (Political) Science!

Wow! Would you look at that...the science has abruptly changed.

The political science.

Politicians are seeing the handwriting on the wall. Vaccines don't prevent the spread or protect anyone from getting the virus, and the general population isn't having any more of their draconian rules and mandates. THAT is the reality of the "science" that the politicians and elites are being forced to follow.

However, politicians always have to save face. What better way than to congratulate themselves on how well their measures have protected us and gotten us to the point where THEY can start to ease restrictions?

Here are some fine examples of how the political "science" has changed:

On February 15, 2022, Canada's government declared that, "recent data indicates that the latest wave of COVID-19 driven by the Omicron variant has passed its peak in Canada. As provinces and territories adjust their public health measures, and as we transition away from the crisis phase, it is now time to move towards a more sustainable approach to long-term management of COVID-19."

Let's see...why would they come out now and say that? Is there anything else going on in Canada? Hmmm...not that I can think of. Surely those nasty truckers of the Freedom Convoy, that "fringe minority," those terrorists with their "bouncy castles," hot tubs and street dancing, didn't have anything to do with the change?

Things have gotten SO "bad" in Ottawa (with all the friendship, comradery, kindness, singing, dancing, and good cheer) that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for the first time in 50 years, invoked the Emergency Act giving him wartime powers. He suspended civil liberties, declared martial law, and called his own people the enemy. He even vowed that the government would monitor bank accounts and seize funds, if necessary, to thwart the protest. He also threatened that tow truck operators who refuse to comply with orders to remove trucks blocking the capital would be subject to arrest and fines. All of these drastic actions have caused the opposite effect of what he wants. The truckers have dug in even more.

What Canadians know and remember is the irony of Justin Trudeau supporting a peaceful protest by farmers in India in 2020 who were protesting against three farm bills that were passed in the Indian parliament. He tried to give Indian leaders a lesson on democracy when he said that, "Canada would always be there to defend the right to peaceful protest."

Listen to the hypocrisy in this 48-second video. Click here:

But now, after invoking emergency powers on February 15, 2022, the WORLD recognizes the hypocrisy. Mr. Trudeau supports peaceful protests, EXCEPT when they're in Canada.

This cartoon is from India. Even they are laughing...

So, in light of the fact that Justin Trudeau is now in the fight for his political life, he is finding that the political "science" is changing all around him.

Even his staunchest supporters are abandoning him.

Less than a day after Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, publicly supported Trudeau's martial law action, he suddenly changed course. (Ford's aides must have shown him his personal approval polls!) Here is a perfect example of elite politicians falling all over themselves and running to the nearest microphone to declare the "science" has changed so they can finally let us live free:

And now, suddenly, around the world and in Canada, restrictions are slowly being lifted. Politicians realize they are losing control of their narrative.

Even CNN says the "science" has changed.

Dr. Lisa Wen, CNN medical analyst, said this when asked about mask mandates: "The responsibility should shift from a government mandate to an individual responsibility by the family." She also had this to say about masking our children: "There actually is a harm that we should be discussing, of children continuing to mask. We should be intellectually honest and say that masking has had a cost, especially for the youngest learners."

Doesn't that sound exactly like what millions of people around the world have been saying for months?

Ah, but you see...the "science" has changed and THAT"S what allows them to relax their grip.

Did you watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 12, 2022, and see 78,000 people in the stands, along with plenty of celebrities and elites, not wearing masks? You would never know by looking at the TV screen that Los Angeles and the NFL still have mask mandates.

Take a look at some of the celebrities and their mask-less faces having a great time. (Why is this OK when children going to school the next day in L.A. were required to wear masks for eight hours??)

Science, right?

Yeah -- POLITICAL science!

And the "scientific" tracking polls aren't trending in favor of tyranny.

Remember, there are mid-term elections coming up. It's time for the elites-in-charge to take credit for keeping us all safe through the pandemic.


Even the lowly jerry can is affecting the political "science."

What is a jerry can?

It is a container that was developed by the military in the 1930's to carry fuel or water. Jerry cans have recently become a modern symbol of dissent in Canada.

On. February 6, 2022, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared an official “state of emergency” when he said that the protests posed a “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents." He also declared that "anyone found bringing fuel to the demonstration trucks in the red zone could be subject to arrest and charges."

In one of the best demonstration of trolling the politicians, it has now become the practice for people going into Ottawa to carry jerry cans to throw off the police. Some people have jerry cans full of water, some full of windshield washer fluid and some full of fuel. So, if you live in Ottawa, grab a jerry can and join the party!


As an aside, I ran across a fascinating article about the massive logistical support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa -- everything from 500 hot meals a day, facilities for children, barbers, massage therapists and even sauna rooms.

God bless the truckers. They say they are there to "fix the country" and not for a dance party!


Switching gears to U.S political "science"....

The baby boomer generation will certainly remember a political scandal that brought down a sitting U.S. President. No, not Russia-gate. Watergate.

In 1972, the Nixon administration attempted to cover up its involvement in the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Washington, D.C. Watergate Office Building.

That scandal involved the break-in and wiretapping of phones in the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Pretty bad, huh.

Well...on Friday, February 12, 2002, we learned of another break-in.

John Durham (Special Prosecutor investigating the supposed collusion of Donald Trump with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election) dropped a bombshell.

His investigation uncovered the fact that Hillary Clinton's campaign hired a "tech executive" to hack into servers in Trump Tower and into the White House while Trump was president.

This is Watergate times ten--and there was once a time in our country where it would have been prosecuted as treason. Do you think anything will happen this time?

We certainly can't count on mainstream news to inform the public about it.

Here is a graphic showing the amount of coverage given to this subject on the corporate state media channels:

Donald Trump told everyone that he was being spied on and the left went nuts.

But Trump was absolutely right.

Funny how all those "conspiracy theories" turn into conspiracy fact. It just takes a little time.


People are now beginning to have issues with the "science" of identity politics.

This is Sam Brinton--Joe Biden's pick for "Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy." In other words, Sam (they/them) is/are in charge of nuclear waste. It just seems to be another in a long string of dubious hires for the Biden administration.

I'm all for diversity and inclusivity in hiring, but somehow this reminds me of the court of Caligula.

Isn't that how a massive empire ended?


And finally, here's an example of common, everyday people turning the tables on the political "science" of elites using money to get their way...

Rotterdam, Netherlands, is known as a ship-building center and is considered to be the maritime capital of Europe. There is a super-yacht being built there that belongs to Jeff Bezos, billionaire founder of Amazon, media mogul and commercial astronaut.

Bezos' boat, code-named Y721, has a price tag of $500 million, is 417-feet long and has three 229-foot tall masts.

There's just one problem, though.

It turns out that the yacht is too tall to go under the 95-year-old historic Koningshaven Bridge. The bridge will have to be dismantled to get the yacht out to sea.

If you're just the average billionaire who is having a luxury yacht built and you find out it's going to be too tall to go under a would just have to build it smaller.

But not when you're one of the richest men on the planet. You just simply ask a municipality to dismantle a historic monument. No big deal. doesn't sound like the locals are happy about their bridge being dismantled. Residents are planning to pelt the yacht with rotten eggs as it passes through Rotterdam later this summer. Over 21,000 people have responded to a Facebook page organizing the event and 5,000 have signed up to attend. That's 5,000 people each with a dozen eggs = 60,000 eggs!

Could this be another "prime" example of people standing up to the elites who run the world? (See what I did there? Prime...? Amazon Prime?)

My joke may not be that funny, But poor Jeff. The "yolk" will definitely be on him.


"The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government."

-Thomas Paine


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Loved this! Your posts keep getting better and better.

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Dale Hanks
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