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Hope Springs Eternal

Between the war in Israel, the war in Ukraine, anti-Semitic protests, mass shootings, the out-of-control border, rampant crime and homelessness, runaway inflation, the WHO Pandemic Treaty going after global civil feels like we're living in a dystopian hellscape. And if that's not unsettling enough, we now have the threat of World War III and a nuclear holocaust hanging over our heads.

It's evident that the elite controllers are serious about their Agenda 2030, where they expect us to "own nothing and be happy." The way it's going, in five years or so, they'll have killed off a lot of us, and those who are left will be herded into their 15-minute smart cities and will be eating bugs.


It's enough to make you wish for an asteroid to hit Earth and just put us all out of our misery.

But that a glimmer of light I see?

Are there some things happening to make us think that hope really does spring eternal?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say, yes. I do believe that people are starting to wake-up to all the nonsense. Here are a few things that have happened over the last week or so that make me think all is not lost.

1. The mainstream media (MSM) is dying.

We all pretty much know that trust in the MSM has been declining. Now, according to a recent Gallup poll, “just 7% of Americans have 'a great deal' of trust and confidence in the media, and 27% have 'a fair amount.' Meanwhile, 28% of U.S. adults say they do not have very much confidence and 38% have none at all in newspapers, TV and radio. Notably, this is the first time that the percentage of Americans with no trust at all in the media is higher than the percentage with a great deal or a fair amount combined.”

Humanity is waking up to the fact that the MSM is pushing a slanted, false narrative and the good news is that more and more people are seeing through it. At the same time, independent media is growing. Citizen journalists, who are now known as "digital warriors," are right on top of any news story to ensure that lies and inconsistencies are brought to light. Truth IS starting to come back in style.

2. The COVID-19 narrative is falling apart.

In California, Assembly Bill 2098, signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on September 30, 2022, authorized the Medical Board of California to sanction (and even revoke) the licenses of doctors who share information about COVID-19 that is not consistent with what the Medical Board deems to be the official “scientific consensus.”

Under this bill, doctors within California were not free to practice their profession and prescribe treatments that they deemed to be helpful to their patients. The bill authorized bureaucrats (even those without medical degrees) to restrict and punish doctors for the "dissemination of misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19." The bill was slated to go into effect in January 2023, but a court injunction held it up until it was quietly repealed in September of this year.


The New York state Supreme Court has ordered the reinstatement, with back pay, of all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated.

The court found that "being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19." New York City Mayor Eric Adams had earlier claimed that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status. NYC fired roughly 1,700 employees for being unvaccinated, after the city adopted a vaccine mandate in 2021. Sorry, Mayor Adams--you'll now have to eat your words.


The White House and legacy media are hyping the new "flu season" and doing their best to whip up the flames of fear again. COVID restrictions are on the horizon. You've probably seen ads for the new COVID jab. Even the latest heartthrob of popstar Taylor Swift, Kansas City Chiefs footballer, Travis Kelce, is shilling for Pfizer.

How has that worked out?

People aren't buying it. Barely two percent of the population has taken the new shot. Pfizer’s now looking at a billion-dollar loss and Moderna's stock has tanked. With all the information coming out about vaccine deaths and injuries (including blood clots, pericarditis and myocarditis), people are simply not listening to the so-called "experts" who are funded and supported by Big Pharma. Here's looking at you, Dr. Fauci.


The COVID narrative is falling apart in other countries as well.

In a UK Parliament session, Member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Bridgen presented data and documentation of excess deaths in the UK over the last two years. Out of the 650 members of Parliament, less than 3% showed up to hear his speech--two Labour Party MPs and roughly a dozen Conservative MPs.

However, if you watch the video in the link above, you can hear noises in the background. In the following clip posted by Dr. John Campbell, he explains that this Parliament session was open to the public, and the public showed up in full force. Dr. Campbell further explains that the public is separated from Parliament by thick layers of plexiglass, but that their support is loud enough to be clearly heard:

From Switzerland, comes a short documentary entitled "Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva, Switzerland." In this documentary, Pascal Najadi, son of one of the original founders of the World Economic Forum (WEF), explains that “everything evil in the world related to democide, unfortunately comes from Geneva.” The WEF, the WHO (World Health Organization), GAVI (The Vaccine Alliance) and organizations for Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates are all headquartered in Geneva. What he says in this video is compelling and encouraging. It serves to remind us of how we, the people of planet Earth, are viewed by these nefarious groups whose aim is to control the world.

3. The far-left ACLU condemned the judge's gag order on Trump.

SHOCKER: Who knew that the ACLU, the declared enemy of President Donald Trump, would actually call out a federal judge's gag order on President Trump as being unconstitutional??

4. We finally have a Speaker of the House.

After a lot of embarrassing gyrations and plenty of consternation, the Republicans in the House of Representatives finally got their act together and unanimously elected, Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana to the position.

Speaker Johnson is a man of deep faith. He is a family man, a devout Christian, and a Constitutional attorney. He doesn't bow to the whims and wishes of lobbyists and special interest groups.

It is worth taking a look at his official website, where he lists his "Seven Core Principals of Conservatism."

Two things are notable about his election to the Speaker position;

  1. He is the first Republican since 2011 to be elected to the position of SOTH with NO Republican defections.

  2. The Democrats and mainstream media hate him and are looking for ways to destroy him.

For me, that's all I need to know.

Oh yeah. You might remember Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff from the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and sham impeachment hearings. Here's what he had to say about Speaker Johnson:

After seeing those comments from Adam Schiff, it makes me like Mike Johnson even more.


Finally, just to be clear, I don't want to minimize any of the real problems we face. We are in serious times. Middle East tensions and world war threats are escalating even as I type this.

I just want to point out that there ARE some positive developments and encourage everyone to stay strong. Most of us have no control over the big-picture issues, and that lack of control can lead to depression and a slide into a "why bother" mentality.

Remember, when things go south, focus on the smaller things you can control. Whether you get involved politically, do things for your local community, help your neighbors, or share information with your family and friends to expose the truth--you ARE making a difference.

And be faithful in prayer.

The human Spirit is indomitable. Never underestimate its ability to value hope, peace, and love in a difficult world.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness."

-Desmond Tutu


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Nov 01, 2023

Dale, yes it was a glimmer of hope but that is better than none!!! Yes, our world and our country today is definitely not what I grew up in nor my children, but I refuse to give up hope that some how this madness will end and future generations will rebuild what we have lost. each Morning when I get up I am resolved to find something to be happy about or in some way bring happiness to those I encounter throughout the day. One of the things that give me hope is reading your blogs especially this one, so thank you for that.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Nov 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your kind words. It's hard not to get discouraged, but I agree with you on always looking to find something to be grateful for.


Oct 27, 2023

Dale, I am happy you see a glimmer of hope. Even your glimmer must be quite dim. I am sure it is not shining brightly. As for me, I see a country in utter chaos. It was nice to see Mike Johnson get elected, but the hill is too steep for even him to climb. I thought four years of the Biden administration would not be enough to destroy this country and we would be able to recover; man was I wrong. Have you looked at your 401k recently? Another 4 years of a Democratic administration and we will be considered a third world country. We have become the world’s playground.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

Steve, Thanks for your comment. I admit that my glimmer is very dim. I'm just grasping for anything to avoid sliding into despair. I agree with you that we will never again be the country that we grew up in... and that makes me sad. But, I have to say that from feedback I receive, I do believe that people are waking up...and that gives me hope.


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