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Imagine a World...

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

If you're reading this blog, chances are you feel as I do--that the world in which we live is making less and less sense.

It's hard to keep from falling into fear and despair at what seems to be the futility of it all.

But that is exactly where the powers-that-be want to keep us. The more power-less we feel, the more we are willing to give up our freedoms and rights in exchange for the "safety" that they promise. And we all know how well that's going.

SO. Let's claim back our power, and work together to create the world we want.

The first step is to envision the world we want. And since what is happening now is the opposite of what most of us want, let's use current events as contrasting examples for our new creation...

Imagine a world where you can trust your government to tell the truth.

In September 2022, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines exploded beneath the North Sea, rupturing critical conduits carrying Russian natural gas to Europe.

The Biden administration immediately accused Russia of sabotage, but subsequent investigations by other countries ruled that out.

Now, a bombshell report claims that Biden ordered the US Navy to destroy the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Did the U.S., in fact, blow up the pipeline? The White House has, from the start, denied it. Yet, here's Joe Biden back in February 2022 saying he would "end it."

And here's our Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, saying in January 2022, that, "one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

The White House is "vehemently denying" the report. If the report is false, it is slanderous. If the report is true, it was an act of war. There's truth in there somewhere.


Imagine a world where human life is valued over money.

In East Palestine, Ohio, a train derailment has caused an ecological disaster so devastating that it's being compared to Chernobyl.

Here is one of the best explanations you'll hear about the derailment:

It seems that the EPA was in a rush to clear the tracks and blew up the leaking tanker cars so that Norfolk Southern could get their main line open. According to a hazardous materials specialist on site, they "basically nuked a town so we could get a railroad line open."

A toxic mushroom cloud hangs over the town while fish and livestock are dying.

The impact will be far-reaching, including the contamination of drinking water for 5 million people living in the Ohio River Basin.

Our Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, was nowhere to be found for days, and when he did finally make a public appearance, he made no mention of the disaster. Instead, he bemoaned that there are too many white men in the construction trades.

After being AWOL for ten days, Mayor Pete deflected any responsibility and followed the usual playbook by blaming the Trump administration for the accident.

And where are the people who scream the loudest about the environment? Hello, Al Gore? John Kerry? Greta Thunberg? Maybe it's not really about the environment after all.

The government says residents can now "safely return home." But would YOU believe a government that has also told us:

  • there were WMDs in Iraq;

  • if you liked your plan, you could keep your plan;

  • Trump would start WW3;

  • Trump was a Russian asset:

  • it's just two weeks to "flatten the curve":

  • inflation was transitory;

  • the vaccine was "safe and effective."

And here's a random question...does anyone think the government response would've been different had this accident happened near Washington, D.C. instead of in deep red, Republican Ohio?

And then there's this...

Just recently, this blog was talking about "coincidences." How weird is it that, in 2022, Netflix filmed a movie entitled, "White Noise," about a train derailment causing an "airborne toxic event." The filming location for this movie was...(drum roll, please)…East Palestine, Ohio. Yep, the very same town. Some of the residents of East Palestine were even extras in the movie.

And isn't it also weird that six other environmental "accidents" and train derailments have happened in the past few days? Check out these incidents in Michigan, Florida, Arizona, Texas, South Carolina, and Oklahoma.


Imagine a world where the government "of the people" talks openly TO the people.

Spy balloons: The government didn't know the China spy balloon was there. Oh, wait. They DID know it was there, but weren't worried about it until a guy in Montana took a picture of it with a telephoto lens. That messed up Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken's trip to China for a climate meeting. Then the balloon crossed into central United States, but the government didn't want to bring it down over a populated area. Oh, wait. But after denying that they knew about it, they later said they DID watch it lift off from the east coast of China and tracked it FOR A WEEK before it entered U.S. airspace.

After a classified briefing with Senators on the Intelligence Committee by officials from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), the senators said they were "confused" and left with more questions than answers. Senators from both sides of the aisle said that 99% of what they were briefed on could be shared with the American public. What are they hiding?


Imagine a world where your government spends tax dollars to take care of its own people.

In 2022, the U.S. sent over $113 BILLION in aid to Ukraine. But what if we had used even a fraction of that taxpayer money to solve some of our own problems?

Our border is wide open and illegal drugs are flooding into the country and killing tens of thousands of Americans. Fentanyl is produced in China. China is buying up our farmland. China is sending spy balloons. The number of Chinese nationals crossing our southern border has skyrocketed. China has infiltrated our universities. Anyone else see a connection here?

Oh, and speaking of our southern border...the Biden administration won't let border patrol agents use surveillance balloons to track illegal immigrants who got away. (But they'll let a Chinese spy balloon traverse our entire country?)

And what about our own people who are suffering? Homeless people have moved in to Chicago's O'Hare airport terminal and have made an encampment in the baggage claim area.

Drug addicts are using food stamps to buy cases of bottled water, emptying the bottles, and using the deposit on the plastic bottles to buy cheap fentanyl.


Imagine a world where our schools actually educate our children.

Not a single student can do math at grade level in 53 Illinois schools. Yet the Department of Education is full of woke activists pushing radical anti-American curricula on our students. Things may actually be starting to turn a corner here--Representative Barry Moore (R-AL 2nd) introduced legislation to eliminate the entire Department of Education in order to clean out the "nest of radical D.C. activists masquerading as educators."


Imagine a world where our children can watch TV shows created for them that are educational, inspiring and uplifting.

Disney has gone full woke with it's new cartoon show called, "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder." It is full of woke propaganda about slavery, reparations and anti-white sentiment.

Here is Disney's executive in charge of children's programming, who is a "biromantic asexual" and whose goal is to "add queerness" and Critical Race Theory to children's programming.

It's hard to imagine that, just twenty years ago, Disney was patriotic.

Can you picture that spot running on TV today?

And what about the grooming of toddlers with songs about "pride" sung by drag queens?

I guess that's why they call it "tell-a-vision" programming.


Imagine a world where our elected officials are dedicated public servants who didn't get into politics for money and power.

We're already aware of Hunter Biden's shady business dealings in China and Ukraine. We also know that emails found on the "laptop from hell" implied that Hunter had to carve out a 10% cut for "the big guy."

Now, a new bombshell report is out that Joe Biden's younger brother, Jim Biden, was hired to negotiate a $140 million deal with the Saudis "because of his position relationship" to his brother, VP Joe Biden.

Other politicians parlayed their time in office to become multi-millionaires. Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $240 million between 2001-2015, and Barack Obama earned $10.8 million while in office (just a tad more than his $400,000/year salary). Members of Congress have also availed themselves of opportunities to cash in. Insider trading runs rampant with very little consequence. Career politicians are getting wealthier and wealthier, while most were not when they took office.

Contrast that with President Donald Trump, who gave up a very comfortable lifestyle to serve as president. He LOST $2 billion during his presidency, while donating his entire $400,000/year salary to charity.


I've only just started to scratch the surface here of imagining how our world COULD be so much better. I'm sure each of you has your own ideas on what you would like to see. The key now is for all of us to hold this vision of a new world firmly in mind and FEEL the energy of having accomplished it.

If you've never heard of Gregg Braden's rain prayer story, please take the link and read it when you have a chance. I promise it will inspire you.

As Braden teaches,

“We must first have the feeling of our prayers answered in our hearts before they become the reality of our lives.”


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