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It's not Real-It's Surreal

Unbelievable. Bizarre. Absurd. Weird. Nightmarish. Surreal.

Surrealism is the combining of elements that you wouldn't normally expect to see together.

Like in the picture above, you wouldn't normally expect to see a zebra eating grass from a piano that has a tree growing out of it.

When it comes to looking at the news these days, I find myself saying the words,"This is all so surreal." Over and over.

But here we are.

Let's look at what happened this past week. On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Joe Biden and the Democrats hosted a big party on the White House lawn to celebrate the "Inflation Reduction Act" and the lowering of gas prices. Biden welcomed leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, as well as activists and lobbyists. It was a quite a shindig with music and speeches. But what made it surreal was that it was totally incongruous to what is ACTUALLY happening in real life.

Follow along with me...

To open the party, they brought out James Taylor to sing his hit song, Fire and Rain.

The absurdity of having James Taylor open with this song is somewhat bizarre. The song, Fire and Rain, written by him in 1968, is literally about addiction and suicide. (But maybe the song is actually a perfect metaphor for the Democrats' addiction to spending and purposely crashing the economy?)

The next bit of surrealism came when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared to be very excited about the celebration and passage of the "beautifully-named Inflation Reduction Act." She gushed and praised Joe Biden and Congressional leadership for getting the bill passed. As she was thanking the President for making "this glorious day possible," she found that the crowd was a little less enthusiastic. SO, Nancy literally had to beg the progressive-liberal audience for applause.

You know things aren't going well when you can't get claps from your own teammates.

Then things became even more surreal. While the party was going on, the Department of Labor released the August Consumer Price Index (CPI) that showed inflation was NOT being reduced. It had, in fact, increased sharply. Oops.

Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and gas prices, rose 6.3% year-over-year — up sharply from the rate of 5.9% seen in June and July. The CPI’s food index, meanwhile, surged 11.4%, to its largest year-over-year increase since May 1979.

The red-hot inflation numbers immediately caused the stock market to tank. It was the worst stock market daily loss since June 2020. THEN, to throw cold water on the celebration, Fox News--and even CNN--cut away from Biden's speech to show a split screen of the stock market crashing. The CNN anchor grudgingly admitted, "Its hard for some people to feel celebratory."

Surreal. But just another day in the Biden administration.

Part of the celebration was for Biden to also take a victory lap for bringing gas prices down $1.30/gallon since June.

Well, let's look at that more closely. Two things are basically the cause of lower gas prices--and neither of them are good.

First, Joe Biden released oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Yes...the influx of oil into the U.S. market did put some downward pressure on prices. But, as has been previously reported, he has also SOLD more than 5 million barrels of our oil reserves to European nations and to China.

The key word in "Strategic Petroleum Reserve" is "strategic." The oil reserves are intended to be available in case of war, NOT for bailing out an incompetent president and administration that owns record inflation and a plunging stock market.

This is a chart of the SPR after the largest drawdown EVER (8.4 million barrels) on September 12, 2022:

And now, Biden pledges to refill the SPR with oil at a price of $80/barrel. Remember how Democrats blocked President Trump from replenishing the reserves at $24/barrel in 2020 in order to stabilize the oil industry after demand was crushed by the pandemic? That action will cost us billions.

The second reason for lower gas prices is because of "demand destruction."

There's a saying among commodity traders that, "The cure for high prices is high prices."

When prices get too high, consumers buy less. So it is with gasoline. Consumers are choosing to drive less and are canceling their vacations and road trips, which is driving down demand and, therefore, prices.

Biden takes credit for lowering gas prices while at the same time hurting the very people he claims to be helping.

It's surreal.


Moving on from inflation and gas prices, let's examine more surreal gaslighting by the Democrats.

Everyone knows about the situation at the border. More than five million illegals have crossed into the country since Joe Biden took office. And we also know that President Trump was working to build the border wall. But, as soon as Biden was inaugurated, he terminated all construction contracts for the wall.

And yet, on September 13, 2022, here's the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, twisting herself into a pretzel to say that this administration is doing "a lot more" than the Trump administration to secure the border:

This is a video showing miles of unused steel for the wall construction after Biden cancelled all the contracts.

This is surreal. And it's gaslighting. And it's a lie.


In another surreal turn of events, it appears that the "limousine liberals" are getting a dose of reality.

Here's Joe Biden lecturing us in 2020 that illegal immigration is a "gift":

In a Meet the Press interview on September 11, 2022, VP Kamala Harris boldly declared that the border is "secure."

Well, governors of red states whose border towns are being overrun with illegal immigrants are "regifting" back to those politicians that say the border is secure. For example, Texas governor Greg Abbott delivered more than 100 Illegals right to the VP's front lawn in Washington, D.C.

SO, is the border secure or not? Let's hear it straight from one of the illegals who just got a bus ride to visit the Veep:

But the next truly bizarre episode in the continuing saga is this gem:

Florida governor Ron Desantis flew 50 illegals to the ultra-wealthy, uber-liberal enclave of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. You know--where the Obama's live in their $11.75 million mansion?

It turns out that this act has literally caused a liberal meltdown. The residents of Martha's Vineyard have dramatically declared this to be a "humanitarian crisis." Isn't it surreal that 50 illegals in Martha's Vineyard are a "crisis," but nearly 5 million illegals in border towns are a "gift"?

Martha's Vineyard claims to be a "sanctuary jurisdiction" that welcomes illegal immigrants. The exclusive enclave is comprised of multi-million dollar mansions that are used mostly as summer homes. Couldn't those homes be used to house these poor, struggling immigrants? C'mon, Biden voters! It's time to walk the walk.

Maybe Martha's Vineyard residents will start taking down their virtue-signaling signs and posters...

UPDATE: As the final edits on this post were being made today, it's now been reported that busses have arrived in Martha's Vineyard to deport the illegal immigrants.

That was fast!


Finally, here's something that I find truly surreal. One of the traits of surrealism is the juxtaposition of nightmares and I'll just toss this one out there for your consideration.

Doubling down on Joe Biden's attack on MAGA Republicans in his dark "Soul of a Nation" speech, Ohio Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan said on September 13, 2022, that Americans need to "kill and confront" the MAGA movement.

When I heard those words, an eerie feeling came over me.

In 2020, Hollywood produced a horror film called The Hunt. The film is about a group of high-income progressive people who kidnap working-class, conservative "deplorables" to hunt them for sport. The film's director said it is intended as a satire on the profound political divide between the American left and right.

Here is the official trailer for The Hunt:

I sincerely hope this is NOT a case of life imitating art.

EVERYTHING feels surreal right now. Up is down. Down is up. Right is wrong. Wrong is right.

Maybe the whole point of these dystopian times is for humanity to wake up to the truth.

"The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink."

-George Orwell, 1984


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