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On Shaky Ground

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling very UN-steady these days.

Maybe it's partly because I devour and research as many news stories as possible in order to write this blog; and the news is all so negative and fearful. Maybe it's partly because many of my friends and family don't see the world as I do, and I feel totally separate from them. Maybe it's partly because NOTHING that's going on in the world seems to make sense. Maybe it's partly because I feel helpless to change things for the better.

It’s been said that we are in a war for the soul of America. And I believe we are.

Every day, we face another attack on our freedoms and another measure of attempted government control over our lives. The media outlets tell us it’s all for the “good of society,” and they censor and shame anyone who speaks out against the “approved” narrative.

And every day, we watch so many of our politicians--in whom we’ve placed our faith and trust--simply run for cover when the enemy opens fire.

That’s not how you win a war.

It all feels hopeless.

But it’s NOT.

There ARE things that we can do to stay strong and steady in these unsteady times. There ARE things that will help us move forward when it feels like we’re spinning out of control.

There ARE things that will help us shift our mindset from one of victimhood to one of a natural, God-given state of sovereignty.

One of these things is a mind-focusing technique popularized by Stephen Covey, called the “Circle of Influence.”

It works like this:

Draw a large circle on a sheet of paper. Around the inside edge of the circle, write down what troubles/worries you. These are things that affect you, but over which you have little or no control.

This is your Circle of Concern. Mine looks something like this:

Now, inside this circle, draw a second circle. Here, write down all the things that you CAN do something about—either directly or indirectly.

This is your Circle of Influence. Here is an example:

When we're REactive, we tend to focus on the outside circle and waste our energy fretting about things over which we have no control. But when we're PROactive and focus on the inner circle, our energy is directed to things that can actually make a difference. By taking positive action, we expand our circle of influence; and we are able to better navigate these stressful times with more steadiness and calm.

Call me a conspiracy kook, but I believe the chaos and fear that is being generated by our government and the media is coordinated and purposeful. This is not happening simply due to incompetence. They WANT to keep us in a victim mindset so that we turn to them for solutions to the crises that they, themselves, have created.

Expanding our personal circles of influence IS the way out of this chaos.

Here are some more specific suggestions about how to accomplish this:

  • Attend government meetings at the local level (e.g., school boards, zoning boards, taxing authority, town councils, etc.)

  • Join alternate media platforms that don’t censor information; Rumble, MeWe, BitChute, etc.

  • Use alternate search engines that don’t filter content. One of the most popular and easiest to use is DuckDuckGo.

  • Speak out about what you know and believe. Be brave. Stay informed about all sides of the issues.

  • Hold discussion groups with like-minded friends and neighbors. There is strength in numbers.

  • Investigate home-schooling for your children and grandchildren. There are teachers who have left the system and who are forming neighborhood home-schooling networks. There are also online home-schooling options.

  • Read to your children about the true history of our founding, and educate them on the fundamentals of how our democracy works. I would recommend looking into the Rush Limbaugh series of children’s books and also a wonderful new series called the Tuttle Twins.

  • Act and look relaxed and confident—even if you don’t feel it. Projecting an image of strength and confidence makes your message even stronger.

  • Focus your mind where it counts the most.

  • Pray.

Considered ACTION is the way to steady ourselves when our foundations are shaking. What works for me may not work for you. But each of us has an internal guidance system that will help us discern our next best steps.

We are here at this time for a purpose.

Stay steady, Patriots.

“It all works out in the end, and if it hasn't worked out, it's not the end.”


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Oct 15, 2021

I to want to thank you for giving us some positive thoughts and actions to take in order to deal with the very negative actions this Government is taking on a daily basis. Most days I do feel very helpless about the direction we are going. One of the positive actions you have sited in this posting is to write to one’s Government representatives expressing concerns. That I intent to do! Once again, Dale, thank you, especially for today’s constructive actions to take dealing with all the negativity in the world today!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 16, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for your comments, Jerri. I'm glad you feel it helped. As I said in the post, it is so easy to just feel helpless when it's all spinning out of control. I appreciate your encouragement!


Jodi Deming Alcock
Jodi Deming Alcock
Oct 15, 2021

Thank you for this! I didn't know about the Tuttle Twins. Just ordered the whole set for Henry.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 16, 2021
Replying to

Glad I could be of help, Jodi! Thanks.


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