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Once Upon A Time...

At this moment in our country, it’s pretty clear that there isn’t much uniting us as a people. We are divided more today than ever before in our history, aside from the Civil War.

Is there anything that can unite us in the spirit of our motto, E Pluribus Unum--Latin for “Out of many, one?”

Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution and Bill of Rights to do just that.

This year, 2021, we celebrate 230 years since the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

So, let’s look with new, appreciative eyes at our Bill of Rights and how these amendments to the Constitution unite us as a nation:

In the First Amendment, people see a guarantee to be able to worship as they please.

This ideal set the Mayflower Pilgrims on their journey to the free world to be able to worship how they chose and without persecution.

Oh, wait a second. Scratch that. I forgot about this:

A family farm in Michigan is banned from a city-run farmers market in East Lansing because their religious beliefs don’t condone same-sex weddings. They chose not to host them at their farm and were sued.

We’ve all heard about lawsuits brought against florists and bakers who declined doing business for the same reason. But let’s flip the question to see how much sense it makes. Should a lesbian graphic designer be forced to create a flyer for a church group’s rally opposing same-sex marriage? Of course not, but that’s not how it seems to work these days.

Okay, forget the part about religious freedom.

The REST of the First Amendment still promises that we can speak freely and openly without fear of reprisals and…

Oops. Sorry…that doesn’t hold much water anymore, either.

I just remembered about this:

Twitter locked the account of a conservative commentator for telling the truth about Covid-19. He simply tweeted that the vaccines weren’t working as planned and that maybe booster shots were on the horizon. Every word he said was true, but he was deemed to have been “spreading misleading and harmful information and violating community standards.”

And this, too:

Alright, alright. So the First Amendment may not be quite the guarantee it’s supposed to be. Let’s see what else in the Bill of Rights unites us.

Ah, yes. The Second Amendment is meant to ENSURE our freedom.

Our Founding Fathers wanted to enshrine this principle so that Americans would be able to protect their God-given freedom with the right to keep and bear arms.

Oh, snap…sorry, again. I forgot about this:

Biden’s nominee for ATF head says anyone uttering “hate speech” should have their guns confiscated by armed federal agents. He also essentially says that it’s not until you can control and limit the First Amendment that you can control the Second Amendment. “Hate speech” is now anything the left deems it to be in any given moment. Speaking out about transgenders using any bathroom they want is homophobic hate speech. Speaking out about Critical Race Theory being taught to our children in public schools is racist hate speech. So, Biden’s ATF nominee believes that anything you say that he and other leftists don’t like can be reason enough to have armed federal agents seize your guns.

Ummm...okay, let’s skip the Second Amendment. It’s not working so well these days.

Well, we still have the Fourth Amendment that keeps us safe from unreasonable searches and seizures. We can all unite behind that principle!

People fled communist regimes to escape the secret police who would break down their doors and search their homes for evidence that they were enemies of the state. Thank goodness our Founding Fathers wrote the Fourth Amendment to protect us from the intrusion of government into our homes…wait…oh, yeah….there’s this is going on now:

The U.S. Capitol Police will begin using hi-tech surveillance gear deployed against United States citizens to surveille for “emerging threats. What’s frightening is that the Capitol Police force reports to the legislative branch and is EXEMPT from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. Secrecy and lack of accountability—just what we need. A court has already ruled that use of this technology in Baltimore violated the Fourth Amendment, but the Capitol Police are moving ahead anyway. They literally are the “secret police.”

Wow…okay. Let’s push pause on that one and move on.

How about the Sixth Amendment?

At least we have the right to a speedy trial so we don’t languish in prison accused of a crime. Um…geez…hold up. I just remembered this:

The Biden regime continues to hold many January 6th Capitol protestors in jail without trial. Some have been held in solitary confinement. Remember that they haven’t been convicted of ANYTHING! Detainees are singing the national anthem to boost their morale amid reports of abuse while awaiting trial -- and trials won't even be scheduled until 2022.

Yikes…I think I’m running out of Amendments that unify us and protect our freedom.

Okay, how about this. Here’s the Eighth Amendment.

At least we don’t have to worry about excessive or cruel punishment in our country like in the Dark Ages or the time of the Inquisition. (Sigh)…sorry... I just remembered this:

Some of the January 6th Capitol protestors have endured “cruel and unusual punishment" according even to some unlikely allies in the Democrat party.

Okay…let’s just skip this whole thing. I thought I could write about celebrating the Bill of Rights and E Pluribus Unum, but it looks like I’ll have to come up with something else.

Let me start over. I know a better way to begin the story:

Once upon a time, in a fairy tale land, long, long ago, there was a beautiful place called “America.” People who lived there believed in freedom, liberty, and justice for all; but they fell into a deep, deep sleep….

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