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The Patriot Digest-Special Edition

This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the Patriot Digest.

We feel it's important to show everyone the magnitude of the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy. This isn't what the media wants you to see.

This is what has the government elites shaking in their boots. This is what has the Canadian Prime Minister fleeing the capital.

THIS is what the elites call the "fringe minority that holds unacceptable views."

The White House is obviously panicked, too.

This 3-minute video will give any freedom-loving patriot encouragement to stay strong:

Folks, this is the revolution of our time. People have had enough. This isn't just about vaccines mandates. lockdowns, and masks.

It's about FREEDOM!

God bless Canada, the truckers, and everyone around the world who is standing up for liberty!


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