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The Patriot Digest-vol. 13

It's been a pretty big news week. But, then again, when isn't it these days? This edition of the Patriot Digest highlights some stories that you may not have seen.


By now, we've all heard the news about the TV actor, Jussie Smollett, who famously claimed he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack in January 2019. The incident received international coverage, with the mainstream media fanning the flames of outrage. In his initial report to the police, Smollett claimed he was attacked and beaten by two white men wearing MAGA hats, doused in bleach, and had a noose placed around his neck.

The progressive left, as they are wont to do (and without questioning the facts of the story), pounced on the narrative that the alleged crime was committed by racist, Trump-supporting, white supremacists.

Within hours, the leftists took to Twitter to proclaim their outrage. Here are some tweets from people you'll recognize:

Kamala Harris: "This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin."

Bernie Sanders: "The racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett is a horrific instance of the surging hostility toward minorities around the country."

Rashida Tlaib (U.S. Representative and member of "the Squad"): "When one of the most famous black and gay men in America is not safe, the message is clearer than it has ever been. The dangerous lies spewing from the right wing is killing and hurting our people."

Joe Biden: "What happened today to Jussie Smollett must never be tolerated in this country."

There are literally DOZENS more similar tweets from government officials, who used the story to further condemn Trump supporters. And, of course, don't forget the Hollywood "twitterati." They dove in head first, as well:

BUT, on December 9, 2021, a jury convicted Jussie Smollett of perpetrating a hate crime hoax and found him guilty on five felony counts of disorderly conduct.

I don't recall seeing a single one these people retracting or apologizing for any of their collective rushes to judgment.

And then, there's also the Kyle Rittenhouse incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse was accused of being a racist and a white supremacist, and killing two WHITE protestors during one of the BLM-inspired riots. Joe Biden (who, on the campaign trail had declared that his victory would "unify" the country) was quick to rush to judgment and condemn the 17-year old. During Biden's 2020 campaign, he tweeted out a video comparing Kyle Rittenhouse to "white supremacists and militia groups."

However, the jury in Rittenhouse's trial found him NOT GUILTY and determined that he acted totally in self-defense.

Again, no retractions or apologies from the left for pushing lies that Kyle Rittenhouse was a vigilante and a white supremacist. A simple acknowledgment from Joe Biden, our "Unifier-in-Chief," that he made an error in judgement by repeating those lies would go a long way to help heal the division.

I'm not holding my breath.


Part of the woke agenda these days is "gender equity" and "gender fluidity." In wokeism, basic human biology no longer counts for anything. Even though there are only two genders on a chromosomal level (males with the XY chromosomes and females with the XX chromosomes), woke "sexperts" say there are actually 112 genders. We are being told that gender is much more than chromosomes and genitalia. It's really how you feel about yourself that determines your "gender identity."

The "gender equity" idea has caused quite an uproar about gender-fluid bathrooms and transgender men competing against women in women's sports. Well, a story has come out recently about a transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas, from the University of Pennsylvania. Lia competed for two years as a man before transitioning to a female.

Last weekend, she competed in Akron, Ohio and "shattered" collegiate records for women's swimming. In one race, she finished a full 38 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher,

Seriously, is this fair to the women who have trained all their lives for swimming scholarships and possible Olympic competition? NCAA rules stipulate that a male athlete must complete a year of "testosterone suppression" to compete as a woman. Is that really all it takes to level the playing field between women and men? How demoralizing would it be for those female swimmers to know that, every time you stepped up on the starting blocks, you're going to lose?

Is testosterone equity the next woke frontier?


There is a lot of chatter about inflation and the Biden economy. As much as the White House tries to deflect criticism of their economic policies, there is no denying that we are experiencing the highest inflation we've had in 40 years.

And guess who the White House blames for the economic situation? US! We're too greedy and buy too much stuff, which is causing prices to go up. Jen Psaki even claims that Joe Biden is the victim, and that inflation is being used as a political weapon against him.

However you spin it, the anecdotal evidence of inflation's impact is all around us--at the gas pump, at the grocery story, and in our utility bills. But, perhaps the biggest evidence of all is the news that Dollar Tree is now unable to sell everything for $1.00 because of increasing costs. Most everything will now cost $1.25. I wonder if they have to change the name to avoid confusion?


The next few digest news reports have to do with the COVID/vaccine situation both here in the U.S. and around the world. These news items strongly bring into question whether the vaccine is for our health, or to promote increased government control.


There has been a lot of news lately about school shootings and their tragic consequences.

In one incident on December 9, 2021, police were called to Watts Middle School in Los Angeles to investigate a threat of a shooting. However, when LAPD officers arrived, they were denied entry to the campus because they were unvaccinated. Hmm...lives of students vs. first responders' vaccine status?

Here are some more recent stories:

Nearly 300 athletes collapsed or suffered cardiac arrests after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. And yet, most sports organizations around the world continue to require the jab for their athletes.

And then there's this. A young wife, who felt that anti-vaxxers were spewing conspiracy theories, posted that her husband suffered myocarditis after his first dose of the vaccine. He was required to get the jab as a condition of his employment. After he became ill, they both implored their doctor to write him an exemption so he wouldn't have to get the second jab. Their doctor totally supported the exemption, but said he couldn't write it because he would be investigated and his license threatened. Watch this heartbreaking video here and experience what happened to them.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Kentucky and four other states where tornados wreaked havoc and destruction. Over 88 deaths have been confirmed, with many more still missing.

Certainly, this is a horrific tragedy. But it's interesting to see what the government and the CDC want you to do when a tornado or severe weather warning is issued. Go get vaccinated! These are screenshots from and To be fair, they DO stop short of saying you'll be required to show your vax card before entering a public shelter...


Dr. Anthony Fauci has given his blessing for everyone to "enjoy" Christmas gatherings; BUT, he advises that you consider extending the vaccine mandate to guests entering your home. He says you may want to "require" your guests to show their vaccine status before they walk through the door. Others have suggested that you make gatherings "fun" by serving appetizers in your garage while your guests await their COVID rapid test results.

In any event, we all can breathe a sigh of relief because Dr. Fauci, himself, traveled to the North Pole and personally vaccinated Santa. Dr. Fauci now says Santa's good to go on Christmas Eve with no travel restrictions.

However, Santa DOES need to mask up before he comes down your chimney. That's because the CDC says the vaccine does not stop transmission.


Just one final note about the vaccine. From the December 3, 2021 release of the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), there have been 21.384 deaths and 33,934 permanent disabilities out of a total 946.493 adverse events. It's important to note that the reporting of adverse events to the CDC is voluntary, so the actual numbers are believed to be MUCH higher. One such study revealed that adverse events resulting from the COVID vaccines are under-reported by a factor of 41 times! No matter how you spin it, the vaccines are NOT risk-free, as has been touted by the government and the media.

Many who demand 100% vaccination for every man, woman and child, compare getting the vaccine to wearing seatbelts--that it's for our own individual safety and the "greater good of society." In response, I offer the following thought:


Let's shift gears from the vaccine, and head over to the world of golf.

You've most likely heard of the golf equipment manufacturer, Titleist.

One service Titleist offers is custom-imprinting on golf balls. Customers can place their design requests via Titleist's online order process. However, one customer tweeted that he was unable to request the phrase "Let's Go Brandon!" to be imprinted on his order of golf balls. The company denied his request because they said these words did not comply with their community standards. In their reporting of the story, Fox News Digital submitted several other political/vulgar word combinations to Titleist to see if they would be denied. They tried "F Trump", "ACAB" (All Cops Are B***ards), "Antifa", "Kill Cops", "Impeach Trump" and "Kill Trump."

Curiously, these phrases had no problem meeting Titleist's community standard guidelines, but this one did:


Before wrapping up this edition of The Patriot Digest, I'd like to add some additional perspective to two of my previous blogs: "Welcome to Pottersville" and "The Church of Woke."

In this hilarious satire piece from The Babylon Bee, it's suggested that Hollywood is remaking "It's a Wonderful Life" to reflect modern day "wokeism." The updated plot has Clarence the Angel telling George Bailey that his "ancestors systemically oppressed black and brown bodies for centuries and that the world would probably be better off without him." Clarence the Angel's advice? George should just jump off the bridge and kill himself and donate his insurance money to Black Lives Matter.



Finally, The Steady Patriot will be taking a little break until January 7, 2022.

Look for us to be back in the New Year.

In the meantime, here's wishing you and yours a blessed and joy-filled holiday season.

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Dec 15, 2021

Once again another great edition of the Steady Patriot! Will be looking forward to many, many more after the first of the year! Have a well deserved break Dale and have a wonderful Christmas.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Dec 15, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Jeri! And warm wishes for a blessed holiday for you and your family!


Dec 14, 2021

Excellent post. It is my hope and wish for the new year that we see and hear less wokeness and see and hear more actual awareness.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Dec 14, 2021
Replying to

That's my wish, as well! I really do believe that America is waking up from its sleep.


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