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The Patriot Digest-vol. 14

Welcome to 2022!

We hope you had a joyous holiday and wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

It certainly has been a busy news cycle over the last few weeks--the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Colorado wildfires, omicron, flight cancelations, crime sprees. Sometimes, there is so much information to digest that it's difficult to tell which way is up.

Here are a few recent stories that might lead you to believe that the world is upside down.


Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology that is used in the COVID vaccines. I'd say that qualifies him as a scientist. (Note: Dr. Malone is vaccinated. He is NOT an anti-vaxxer and is fully open about it.)

Dr. Malone has been outspoken and critical of the government's handling of the COVID pandemic and the safety of the vaccines for children. Last week, he posted a video from the Canadian COVID Care Alliance showing data that demonstrates harmful effects from the Pfizer vaccine and problems with its clinical trials. Obviously, his post didn't meet the "community standards" of the social media overlords because he was PERMANENTLY banned from Twitter.

It's now suspected that the blocking of his account from Twitter was done in advance of a bombshell interview he did with Joe Rogan on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, to shelter the Biden administration and medical elites from the interview fallout.

In the interview, Dr. Malone said that, "Our government is out of control on this [Covid response] and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule."

The interview is three hours long, but here are a few of the bombshells Dr. Malone dropped:

  • "Hospitals can receive as much as a $30,000 bonus for placing a patient on a ventilator."

  • "There is a financial incentive to call somebody Covid positive. The hospitals receive a bonus from the government – I think it’s like $3,000 – if someone is hospitalized and able to be declared Covid positive."

  • "The numbers are quite large. There is something like a $3,000 death benefit to a hospital if it [a patient admission] can be claimed to be Covid."

  • "They get a bonus if somebody is declared dead with Covid."

  • "The CDC made the determination that they were going to make a core assumption – if [someone is] PCR positive, and [they] die, that is death due to Covid."

Dr. Malone went on to explain why this information is not being disseminated to the public. Quite simply, follow the money. Many large social media platforms, like Twitter, use a multi-national media conglomerate as their so-called "fact-checkers." The company they use is Thompson Reuters.

According to Dr. Malone, "Thompson-Reuters is tied to Pfizer, They have common corporate ownership and they are the ‘fact-checker’ of Twitter – they are integrated.

So, Thompson-Reuters is making the decision, which has connections to Pfizer, about what information will be allowed to be discussed on Twitter.”

We're constantly told to "follow the science." But, if science can't be openly discussed in the public forum. then it is NOT science.


When government officials, medical elites and media talking heads all tell you to, "Follow the science," you can translate it directly to mean, "Do what we say!"

"The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never again escape from it."

-Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Party, Third Reich Minister of Propaganda from 1933-1945


As America's enemies strengthen their military, threaten our allies, launch new warships, and launch hypersonic missiles, the U.S. military is doing some really important stuff--like pushing woke policies and purging conservative thought.

To make us stronger and safer, the Pentagon has issued guidelines to curb the rise in violent domestic "extremist activities." These new guidelines state that military servicemen and servicewomen can be punished for liking, posting, or sharing certain "extremist" content on social media.

What is the definition of "extremist activities?" The guidelines don't specifically give one; but, as you read the examples below, you'll see that the definition is whatever the powers-that-be say it is, and it can change at any given time.

Here's what the guidelines say constitutes "extremist activities":

  • Attending a meeting or activity with the knowledge that the meeting or activity involves extremist activities, with the intent to support those activities.

  • Actively demonstrating or rallying in support of extremist activities.

  • Fundraising for, or making personal contributions/donations to, a group or organization that engages in extremist activities.

  • Active participation in extremist activities, whether in an individual capacity or on behalf of a group.

What is even more worrisome is that DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-sometimes referred to as "the brains of the Pentagon") recommended a new domestic terrorism classification called “Patriot Extremism," which they define to be "when a citizen believes the US government has become corrupt” or “has overstepped its constitutional boundaries."

Our woke "modern major generals" are doing their level best to root out and purge any conservative thought from our brave men and women who risk their lives to fight for our country.


Continuing with the American military's purge of wrong-think, the Pentagon has ordered a Texas company, Shields of Strength, to quit making faith-based replica dog tags for our military men and women.

Shields of Strength has been in business 20 years, and has made hundreds of thousands of replica dog tags containing scripture verses and faith-based words of encouragement, Even though the company had obtained trademark licensing agreements from the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps, the Pentagon sent cease and desist letters to Shields of Strength because of a complaint from an organization called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

A lawsuit is now in the works. An attorney for Shields of Strength, Mike Berry, says that, “It’s a cruel insult to our service members to deny them a source of inspiration, hope and encouragement simply because it contains a religious message. DOD officials caved to the empty threats of those who make their living by being offended. There’s no legal reason for the military to discriminate against Shields of Strength.”

In support of the Christian-based company, the Conference of Jewish Affairs has asked the military to reconsider its ban on the replica dog tags. Rabbi Aryeh Spero, president of the organization, addressed the issue with a letter to the Army Trademark Licensing Program stating that the dog tags represent a "personal touchstone for our warriors seeking a sense of higher mission and divine protection. No soldier is forced to inscribe a biblical verse on his personal dog tag, though the Army has over the years allowed soldiers to do so if they wish."


At the end of a calendar year, we often see published lists counting down the "Best of..." in categories such as movies, music, and news stories.

I have a personal countdown that probably won't be published on social media or reported in the mainstream press. It involves the White House's effort to "influence" the younger members of our society to get vaxxed, by employing pop music groups and social media influencers.

Allow me to give you the year's most CRINGE-WORTHY White House public service announcements touting vaccinations and boosters.

Coming in at #4 are the Jonas Brothers asking, "Are you vaccinated?" President "Byron" makes a cameo at the end showing that he is totally in touch with the younger members of our society.

Coming in at #3 are "The Singing Nurses." The Biden Administration wants the American people to believe that hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients; but yet somehow, these nurses (some of whom wore masks) had time to sing and dance in the East Room of the White House.

At the #2 spot is the a cappella group, Pentatonix, singing,

"Get your booster!

Just like a seat for a little kid,

Just like the heat from a rocket ship,

Sometimes all you need

Is a booster."

Wow...I'm moved. Aren't you?

Click here to watch.

Finally, topping the chart of our most cringeworthy public service announcements courtesy of the White House is....(drum roll),,,BENNY DRAMA!

Benny portrays himself as a White House intern in this riveting enactment of his first day at work with Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary.

If you watched those videos, I apologize; because those are five minutes you'll never get back. But I did it to prove a point.

This is what the Biden Administration thinks is important.


I don't know about you, but I'm tired of having my intelligence insulted.

We talked before about Joe Biden's Hollywood set mockup (complete with fake outdoor scenery) that he uses for staged press conferences.

Well, here's the latest bit of theater.

A news conference was held to brief reporters on the supply chain crisis.

Sitting at his desk in the fake Oval Office, a fake digital container ship is right outside the fake window.

See for yourself:


And, in a salute to the spirit of the Christmas season just past, there's this....

Remember the Christmas classic, Jingle Bells? If you have children or grandchildren, you probably sang it yourself last month.

Well, the woke police have claimed another casualty.

A paper by Boston University professor, Kyna Hamill, states that the first public performance of the song, 150 years ago, may have included singers in blackface. Some have suggested that "sleigh bells" may have referred to "slave bells" placed around the necks of slaves to alert owners if they tried to run away. While slave bells did exist, there is absolutely no indication that they are connected to the origins of the song.

This secular song that has been around for 150 years, was sung from space by the Gemini 6 astronauts and from the White House by Barack Obama and his family on the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in 2016, now has the "potential" to be offensive.

Hope you had yourself a woke-y little Christmas!


Finally, a quote from Michael Ellner that pretty much sums up the past year:

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

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03 ene 2022

Dale, so glad your back keeping us up to date on what is really happening in our beloved country today! As you well know, I generally do not watch the news except for The Five, that is why your postings are so important to me! I do feel it is extremely important for us to be informed on every aspect of the events taking place today to destroy our freedom! Thank you for caring!

Me gusta
Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
03 ene 2022
Contestando a

Thanks, Jeri!

Me gusta

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