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The Patriot Digest - vol. 6

Terrorism Alert! If you see something, say something.

The National School Board Association (NSBA) is reporting terrorist activity at school board meetings across the country and they are begging for protection.

"Sleeper cells" have been activated and have been attending school board meetings!

Who are these terrorists that the NSBA so fears? Are they jihadists? Suicide bombers? Taliban? Al Qaeda? ISIS? They are parents. The weapons of mass destruction that these parent-terrorists are using are their voices, and they have the NSBA cowering in fear under their desks.

This past week, the NSBA sent a letter to the Biden administration begging for protection from these threatening activists. They even asked the Biden administration to classify the parents as “domestic terrorists.”

Parents are rising up and fighting back to protect their children from mandated masking and racist teachings (i.e., critical race theory) that are being introduced in their schools. How DARE these parents demand answers from the very school boards they elected?

Well, in response to the letter from the NSBA, Attorney General Merrick Garland called on the FBI to spearhead law enforcement efforts against parents who speak out at school board meetings.

The division of the FBI slated to handle these parental investigations is the National Security Division. That’s the same division that was created in 2005 when the Patriot Act was renewed to monitor domestic terror threats like al Qaeda, ISIS suicide bombers, and Chinese hackers stealing technology.

Now it seems that the full force of the FBI has been turned against the most threatening terrorists of all...parents.


An interesting footnote to the story of AG Garland directing the FBI to hunt down terrorist parents is that he may have a bit of a conflict of interest.

It turns out that Garland’s son-in-law, Alexander “Xan” Tanner, is the founder of Panorama Education.

Panorama Education happens to sell critical race materials to schools. In fact, the family is making millions. Several school districts have already purchased this “education package" from Panorama Education. Panorama also went on to use a workshop for teachers to recommend an article describing MAGA and Trump supporters as “white supremacists and likening them to the Ku Klux Klan.

If you recall, Merrick Garland was Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court who, fortunately, was not confirmed.


Taking the above two stories just a little deeper, we find that the mainstream media goes to bat for the Biden administration yet again. So-called "fact-checkers" from the Associated Press came out to defend the NSBA's letter to Joe Biden and said, in effect, "No...they did not call parents domestic terrorists."

But this is yet another classic case of "fake news"-- and the fact-checkers have, themselves, been fact-checked. Their claim is easily debunked by looking at the NSBA's letter itself. Here it is for all to see:

THIS is the state of journalism today.


In last week's edition of The Patriot Digest, we poked fun at Biden's fake stage set that was constructed for a photo-op showing him receiving his COVID booster shot. Well, here we go again. The fact-checkers are out defending the fakery!

When is a fake set not a fake set? According to fact-checkers, it's when Joe Biden sits in front of it.


And speaking of fake news, the New York Times this week pulled a good one when they admitted they had "overstated" the number of children hospitalized as a result of COVID-19 by more than 800,000! In an article about vaccinating children, the NYT said, "Nearly 900,000 children have been hospitalized with Covid-19 since the pandemic began..." They were forced to issue a correction changing the number to 63,000.

Even though a correction was issued, do you think it really undid the damage and fear the original story generated? How many people do you think even saw the correction?


Sage Steele, a sports analyst for ESPN has been suspended for at least a week and is being given a good talking-to for speaking her mind. She spoke out about the company's vaccine mandate and called it "sick" and "scary." But, she went on to say that she got the jab anyway in order to keep the job she needs and loves.

This is bringing to light a disturbing new Orwellian twist to the vaccine mandates. It seems that, not only must you TAKE the jab, you must LIKE it and swear to it. Similar to Sage Steel's case, the University of Chicago (which ironically touts itself as "America's No. 1 free speech campus") is requiring students to sign a "Covid-19 Attestation." Even after being vaxxed, students MUST sign their agreement to statements like, “COVID-19 poses a serious public health risk,” and, “my failure to follow the COVID-19 requirements may endanger myself and/or others."

For anyone who's read George Orwell's, 1984, you might remember the part where a character is being tortured in order to break his spirit. A cage of rats is placed over his head to force him to comply. This is where we are folks. "You WILL do as you're told! You WILL comply! You WILL believe the narrative!"

Maybe gulags and re-education camps aren't really necessary since we're already living in them?

BREAKING NEWS: By now, we've all heard the news about Southwest Airlines canceling over 2000 flights over the past few days. Here is a tweet from someone whose father is in the airline business, and he explains it all. With the looming deadline for pilots and crew to be vaccinated or face termination, they decided to call in sick and/or go on vacation since they will lose all their banked time when they are fired in a month. And, he explains further that, since 80% of airline pilots are ex-military, they will NOT stand for what they view as tyranny.

Here is another very brave pilot with a message for all of us, whether you approve of the vaccine or not. Check out his 2-minute video.


"Rules for thee, but not for me" seems to be the motto among the political elite.

We've seen this hypocrisy many times during the pandemic where they issued mandates and were caught not following the rules they made for the rest of us.

Well, this scandal may be the final straw.

It's been reported that 100 - 200 members of Congress (plus their families and staffers) have been treated with Ivermectin and therapeutic protocols requiring NO hospitalizations for COVID-19. Not one of them ever said a word publicly about it; while, at the same time, Ivermectin was being mocked and trashed. They saved themselves.

Also, members of Congress are NOT under a vaccine mandate. And yet doctors, nurses, first responders, airline pilots, members of the armed services, and teachers are being fired for refusing the jab??


As the saying goes, "Its nice to have friends in high places."

That sure is true for a friend of Joe Biden.

An acquaintance of Biden's reached out to the president for help because his wife wasn't receiving immediate treatment in a Pennsylvania hospital that was supposedly overcrowded with COVID patients. In a speech promoting the COVID-19 vaccine last week, Biden bragged that he called the receiving nurse at that hospital. He said he didn't call to "complain," he just called to "check on" his friend's wife.

So, picture yourself as the person in charge of the hospital emergency floor and getting that call from the White House. Would you tell POTUS that his friend's wife just needs to wait her turn?

Or better yet, try to imagine if the news media had found out that Donald Trump had called the hospital to get his friend to the front of the line. That would've been a news story for months!


Here's some more good news. There's another surge of migrants--up to 60,000--headed to our borders and setting the Biden administration up for another crisis.

But there's another aspect to this situation that isn't well-known and that you won't see on mainstream media.

As you will recall, when Joe Biden took office, one of the first things he did was eliminate the construction of the border wall. After taking that action, Biden also forced the retirement of 30-year veteran and head of the Border Patrol, Rodney Scott.

Well, Rodney Scott is speaking out about another absolute disaster at our southern border.

In an interview this week, Scott explained that, due to the financial arrangements with the now-idle contractors, the federal government is paying $5 million per DAY to the contractors for NOT building the wall. Scott also described the unbelievable amount of unused materials that are stacked all along the border--piles of steel wall panels, security cameras and literally MILES of fiber optic cable.

Here's a question for you. If you wanted to help your country commit suicide, would you do anything differently than what our government is doing right now?

I can't think of a thing.


To end on a lighter note...every time I see White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holding a press briefing, I keep thinking that she reminds me of someone. I ran across this the other day and thought, "That's it!"

We all know Charles Schulz's beloved characters from his Peanuts comics.

I give you "Peppermint Psaki." And now that you've seen won't be able to UN-see it, either.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


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Oct 12, 2021

Maybe if I picture Peppermint Psaki instead of Jen Psaki when she is addressing the media on TV I won’t want to vomit!!! What is happening in our beloved country today is despicable, atrocious, frightening and down right un-American!!! I so admire people like Rodney Scott for speaking out and telling it like it really is!! I for one would not really know the bottom line on what is really going on, the multiple ways our sacred freedom is being taken away if it wasn’t for your postings, Dale. Once again, thank you for keeping us informed!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Jerri!


Jodi Deming Alcock
Jodi Deming Alcock
Oct 12, 2021

"Peppermint Psaki" is the best thing I've seen in a long time! Thanks for the laugh!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Jodi. It is spot on!


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