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The Shark Bumps Before it Bites

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We are being “shark bumped.” If you aren’t familiar with the term, it comes from shark behavior, A shark will bump and nudge its intended prey to assess size and strength before it attacks.

Have you noticed how we're being bumped by our own government? A perfect example of being shark-bumped is when there is a mass shooting event, The progressive liberal left immediately blames it on guns, gun manufacturers and the dreaded NRA and runs to the nearest microphone to claim we need more gun control. It seems that it is always the gun's fault and not the perpetrator's. And never once is anything mentioned about the out of control gun violence that takes place on the streets of Chicago and other major cities each and every day. This is us being bumped by the shark to constantly test our tolerance for gun control.

COVID-19 lockdowns were another shark bump to test our willingness to go along with draconian government shackles on the most basic of our human rights; freedom to assemble, freedom of movement, and freedom to worship. And might I add that freedom of speech was the first to go. If you dared have an opinion about COVID-19 reporting, available treatments and therapies, and had questions about vaccines that fell outside the official “1984 Ministry of Truth” narrative, you were ridiculed, shamed, censored and de-platformed by un-elected bureaucrats, state-run media outlets, and so-called “independent third-party fact-checkers” who are paid by…wait for it…George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and other large donors to the Clinton Foundation. No, political agenda to see here. Move along.

Now, since our current administration has come into office, the United States is itself being shark-bumped by our enemies. Just in the last month we have been attacked by cyber-terrorists who shut down major aspects of our infrastructure. The Colonial Pipeline which supplies the east coast of the United States with oil, gasoline, and jet fuel, was crippled by a criminal gang of cyber hackers located in Russia. Then, one quarter of our meat supply was shut down by Russian hackers who attacked JBS, the world’s largest meat packer. More attacks have taken place and by other criminal actors, as well. The Massachusetts Steamship Authority running the ferry system around Nantucket, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard was hacked. The New York subway system was hacked. Hospitals, water treatment plants and other business, too.

Normally, the official US government position has always been that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. But, when questioned by reporters in the White House briefing room, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki’s response was that these attacks are a “private matter” and those companies are free to pay the ransom. Thanks, Jen.

I believe either one of two scenarios is taking place. (1) That the Biden administration IS projecting weakness or (2), that if our critical infrastructure is crippled bad enough, or often enough, the government would attempt to take over the infrastructure to “protect” us since the private companies didn’t do it themselves. In other words, we could be looking at that old plan in the Democrat playbook, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

During the Trump administration, the world knew that we were a strong country and not to be trifled with. Our enemies knew that if were attacked, we would strike back even harder. But now, as we have an administration of appeasers and globalists, we are constantly being tested for weakness.

How many times will the shark bump before it tears us apart?


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Its ironic they say the left is the one tryna lock people down when its the right wing that is always getting triggered over gays existing in cartoons, so much to the point that they are willing to defend Putin and russias draconian behavior as long as they side with them against the "moral corruption" of the gays.





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