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To Tell The Truth

If you're a Baby Boomer, you'll probably remember a television game show that ran in the '50s and '60s called To Tell The Truth. Three contestants (one central figure and two imposters) answered questions posed by four celebrity panelists. It was the job of the panelists to determine which of the three contestants was telling the truth.

It seems more and more that we're living in that TV game show these days. But to figure out who's telling the truth seems virtually impossible.

I used to believe that truth was at the heart of our society and culture--a morally-guiding principle and the foundation upon which our justice system, education, corporations and government were built.

I'm certainly not so naïve to believe that we've never been lied to by those in positions of power; but I trusted that lies were the exception, and truth was the rule. Not anymore.

Truth is now the exception and lying has become the rule.

Let's start at the top with our current Commander-in-Chief. Joe Biden has a storied history of lying. Just watch this 5-minute video from back in the 1980's when he was running for the U.S. Senate:

Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, he is still telling lies; and he has surrounded himself with other people who are pretty good at lying, too.

On May 12, 2022, the White House tweeted this whopper:

No vaccine available?? Meaning BIDEN came up with it? C'mon man...that's a bald-faced lie!

Joe Biden got his FIRST vaccine jab on December 21, 2020.

He got his SECOND dose on January 13th -- a week before he took office on January 20, 2021!


Here's another White House falsehood that has been exposed...

Last February, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a grant program that would pay for the purchase of "safe smoking kits" containing “equipment and supplies" to help make drug use safer for addicts.

At the time, an HHS spokesperson announced that the "safe smoking kits" would contain crack pipes. The White House immediately denounced that statement as being "inaccurate," and further claimed that reporting of it amounted to propagating a right-wing conspiracy theory.

Well, it turns out that the White House was lying. The Washington Free Beacon decided to investigate the claim of government-provided crack pipes; and, lo and behold, crack pipes were found in "safe smoking kits" in five cities. Yes, taxpayer dollars are, indeed, funding the purchase and use of drug paraphernalia.

The kits even contain instructions on how to use them:

When she was questioned and presented with this report about crack pipes, Jen Psaki brazenly lied and still claimed that it's a conspiracy theory. Thanks for that, Jen. Here's wishing you well in your new job at MSNBC. You'll fit right in.


Also this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland was exposed as a liar. Last October 4, 2021, Garland directed the FBI to investigate parents who protested at school board meetings about mask mandates and critical race theory education. He even defended the usage of the term "domestic terrorists" in a memo sent to the White House by the National School Board Association. However, on October 21, 2021, AG Garland told a completely different story to Congress by denying that the FBI was monitoring parents. He testified that he did NOT order the targeting of parents who criticize schools policies, nor did he consider them domestic terrorists.

But now, several FBI whistleblowers have come forward and submitted evidence to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the FBI did, in fact, use the Patriot Act to create "threat tags" in order to monitor parents at school board meetings. This occurred in almost every area of the country.

Didn't there used to be consequences for lying to Congress??


How about the Center for Disease Control--surely THEY wouldn't lie to us about matters critical to our health, right? But, wait.

This week, we learned that the CDC has no documents in its possession to support their claim that "vaccines don't cause variants."

This statement appears right on the CDC website:

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a non-profit organization, asked the CDC in two separate Freedom of Information Act requests for documentation supporting the CDC's claim. Their specific requests asked for the following:

  1. “All documents sufficient to support that COVID-19 vaccines do not create or cause variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.”

  2. “All documents sufficient to support that the immunity conferred by COVID-19 vaccines does not contribute to virus evolution and the emergence of variants.”

The CDC has now responded to both requests, saying a search “found no records" to support their OWN claim.

Just because the CDC says something is true, does that make it true?


Everyone's heard by now about the baby formula shortage. Well, if you listen to Jen Psaki, you've been listening to lies. The White House has been blaming the shortage on an FDA recall last February that closed an Abbott manufacturing plant.

In an effort to shift the target away from the administration, Jen Psaki has been blaming the manufacturer saying, "There were babies who died as a result of taking this formula.”

Well, that appears to not be the case. The CEO of Abbott took Psaki to task for trying to spin the situation into something that it is not. The CEO says the formula from their plant did not contribute to the illnesses.

What IS true is that the FDA has known about a problem at the plant since last October 2021, and still has not completed its investigation to allow the plant to reopen.

What is also true about the baby formula shortage is that pallets and pallets of formula are being sent to our southern border to care for the infant children of illegal immigrants. The Biden administration admits to this being the case, and says they are legally obligated to take care of people in their custody. That is true, BUT the point is that those very same illegals are here illegally.


Also, this week, Joe Biden coined a phrase that is a new slur aimed at over half the country:


In delivering a speech on how he's handling inflation, he referred to anyone who voted for Donald Trump as ultra-MAGA.

Ultra Make America Great Again. (I'm really confused as to how wanting to make America great again is wrong. But, I digress.)

When questioned by reporters as to how Biden came up with the new phrase, Jen Psaki brazenly lied and said that Joe just came up with it on his own to "give it a little extra pop."

Many don't think Biden can come up with much of anything on his own. That was proven true again this week when we learned that the new pet phrase "ultra-MAGA" wasn't his brainchild after all. It turns out that "ultra-MAGA" is the result of six months of focus group research and piles of liberal donor cash. In yet another burst of "creativity," Biden even referred to Donald Trump as the "great MAGA king."

One might wonder if all that money and focus-group research will pay off and help to marginalize Republicans for the midterm elections? It doesn't look like it will--House Republican campaign arms and PACs s are already putting it on t-shirts.

Let the cartoons and memes begin!


Finally, in a bizarre display of irony, the Biden administration announced on May 4, 2022, that a new government agency is being launched to combat "disinformation." The Department of Homeland Security (you know, the same department in charge of our border) will now oversee the "Disinformation Governance Board."

This new "Ministry of Truth" (as it has been dubbed by George Orwell 1984 fans) reports to the Secretary of the DHS, Andrew Mayorkas. This is the same Secretary of the DHS who presides over the worst border crisis of our lifetime...while publicly testifying that it's not...while at the same time privately admitting that it is.

The person heading up the Disinformation Governance Board is Nina Jankowicz. Ms. Jankowicz, herself, is a complete stranger to the truth. She has been a purveyor of disinformation for years by pushing the debunked Russiagate collusion lie and dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop story as being Russian disinformation.

What could go wrong when the new Executive Director of the Ministry of Truth fancies herself to be the "Mary Poppins of Disinformation?"

Watch her video. You'll be glad you did.

Here's an idea...maybe instead of spending millions on a new government agency, the Biden administration should just buy a big mirror and then look in it.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.


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