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Used Underwear

Have you ever been to a flea market? I grew up in Pennsylvania where small towns held flea markets all the time. I used to enjoy going to them and looking at all of the memorabilia and collectibles people were selling. But I always shied away from the clothing.

What does that have to do with today's blog post?

The administration, Democrats, and the mainstream media are desperately hawking their left-wing narratives. But, like used underwear at a flea market...I ain't buyin' it!!

If you recall, two months ago in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden delivered the most divisive speech ever given by a sitting US president. Well, two nights ago, November 2, 2022 (6 days before election day), he outdid himself.

In one his final speeches before the midterms, Biden threw a "Hail Mary." Instead of trying to convince us why we should vote for Democrats and their policies, he chose to decry and disparage Republicans and ANYONE who would vote for them.

The backdrop for his speech was Union Station in Washington, DC. Considered to be an architectural gem, this historic complex has gone from a thriving, shopping destination and transportation hub to a ghost town and homeless encampment. Many have pointed out the irony in the choice of this backdrop for Biden's dark speech. They say the location is a perfect symbol of his presidency so far--rampant crime, homelessness, drug addition and struggling businesses.

DC clears Union Station homeless encampment prior to speech

In case you didn't watch the speech, here is the number of times Biden mentioned things Americans are truly concerned about:

  • Border - 0

  • Crime - 0

  • Inflation - 0

  • Supply chain - 0

  • China - 0

  • Gas prices - 0

  • Education - 0

  • Military - 0

  • Police - 0

  • Fentanyl - 0

The message he DID try to peddle was that, if you don't elect Democrats. it will be the "end of democracy." The implication is that, if you vote for Republicans, YOU are a threat to democracy. He even claimed that there are over 300 "election deniers" on ballots across the country.

I know I've shared this in previous posts, but here is a 12-minute montage of Democrat election deniers:

You see, when THEY say that they don't accept the results of an election, or that the election was stolen, it's okay. But when WE say it, we're election deniers and domestic terrorists.

So, when Democrats try to sell you on the idea that electing Republicans will end our democracy, don't buy this pile of used underwear. Based on current polling, I believe there will be a whole load of democracy coming their way this Tuesday.


And here is another thing the left is trying to sell that I'm not buying. Pandemic amnesty. Have you heard about this? Now that it is being more widely acknowledged that the COVID-19 vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and lawsuits are being filed, the progressive left and their Big Pharma cronies are starting to worry that their whole narrative is crumbling.

Lockdowns caused tremendous economic damage. School closures created irrecoverable "learning loss" among students. And now, some on the left are reading the handwriting on the wall and are asking for forgiveness for being insufferable tyrants.

According to an article in The Atlantic, we are being asked to "forgive and forget" what happened to us during the last two years...

  • We had to watch our parents and grandparents die alone in the hospital and nursing homes.

  • We lost our businesses.

  • We couldn't go to church.

  • We couldn't celebrate holidays with our loved ones.

  • We couldn't travel.

  • We had to mask our two-year old children.

  • We lost years of learning for an entire generation of students.

  • We divided our families.

  • We lost our friends.

And those of us who made a choice to not partake of the "juice" were ostracized, shamed, lost our jobs, discharged from the military, and accused of murder.

So, forgive? Okay. It’s one thing to have gotten some things wrong over the last two stressful years. But amnesty for those who called for medical apartheid and led the charge to destroy human freedom? Nope. I'm not buyin' it. Those responsible for the damage by pushing a political "narrative" should be held responsible.


This administration, the Democrats and the mainstream media have been peddling all sorts of used skivvies for the last several years. How many people bought these...

  • Russian collusion

  • Trump calling neo-Nazis "fine people"

  • Jussie Smollett hoax

  • Bubba Wallace hangman's noose in NASCAR garage

  • Covington kids

  • Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot

  • Brett Kavanagh rape allegations

  • Trump "pee tape"

  • COVID lab leak being a conspiracy theory

  • Border agents whipping migrants

  • Trump saving nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago

  • Steele dossier

  • Russians placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan

  • Trump saying that drinking bleach would cure COVID

  • Trump issuing a Muslim travel ban

  • Hunter Biden's laptop being Russian disinformation

  • Andrew Cuomo having had the best COVID leadership

  • Trump putting migrant kids in cages

  • Trump overfeeding koi fish in Japan

  • Trump saying soldiers were suckers and losers

  • Trump mocking a reporter with a disability

  • "Build Back Better" bill pays for itself

  • An SUV killed parade marchers

  • Trump ordering tear gas on protesters just for a photo op with a bible

  • "Don't Say Gay" was in the Florida bill

  • "Inflation Reduction Act" actually reduces inflation

  • Inflation is because of the "Putin Price Hike"

  • Ivermectin is a horse de-wormer and not for human use

  • The protests were "mostly peaceful""

  • Trump overpowered his Secret Service agents to take the wheel of "the Beast"

  • Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by January 6 protesters

  • January 6 was an "insurrection"

And of course, the big sales job of the week goes to mainstream media over the Pelosi home invasion.

David DePape has been identified as Paul Pelosi's hammer-wielding attacker. When the police arrived at the home, they found both Paul Pelosi and David PePape in their tighty-whities. DePape's neighbors have described him as being a hemp jewelry-making, drug-abusing hippie nudist from Berkeley who lives in a school bus with a BLM sign and LGBT flag in the yard. He is a registered member with the Green Party and is in the U.S. illegally. Yet, every leftist talking head and pundit on cable news is trying to convince us that he‘s a right-wing MAGA extremist. I ain't buying that underwear, either.

I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

I'm not buyin' ANY of the smelly underwear being peddled by this administration, leftist Democrats, government agencies, and the mainstream media.

And my ballot on Tuesday will reflect that simple fact.

"The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it.

A lie is still a lie, even if everyone believes it."



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Nov 05, 2022

Right on Dale!! Definitely praying for a November Red Wave!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Nov 05, 2022
Replying to

Thanks! Me, too!


Nov 04, 2022

You keep getting better and better Dale! Let us pray for Red wave in Tuesday November 8.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Nov 04, 2022
Replying to

Thanks! I'm hopeful.


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