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Walking Dead

There's something really disturbing going on.

Can you feel it?

Yeah, I know...we can all list the things that are obviously wrong with our society: a two-tiered justice system, homelessness, open borders, rampant crime, fentanyl, war, human-trafficking, a cognitively-impaired President, etc., etc.

But, I'm not talking about those things.

This is something deeper. A feeling. A vibe. Something that's hard to name.

Just look around when you're out and about your neighborhood. There are many signs that something in our society is really off.

When public school was in session, I occasionally drove by a high school near where we live as classes were done for the day. The kids all just shuffled along the sidewalk with their heads down...some looking at their phones, others seemingly wanting to just be left alone in their own worlds. Most wore dark colors and hoodies with the hoods pulled up over their heads (even here in sunny Florida). There was no joy, no laughter, no silliness, no color. They all seemed so sad. Statistics are showing that many teenagers aren't even interested in getting a driver's license any more.

And do you notice all the graffiti on buildings, benches, bus stop shelters, and street signs? I was recently waiting at a railroad crossing as a long freight train went past. There wasn't a single rail car out of a hundred that didn't have graffiti "tags" and gang signs painted all over them. There are those who applaud this as "street art." But let's just call it what it is - vandalism. And it's another sign of societal decay.

These days, when you go to the grocery store, or a fast-food place, or to the mall--so many people seem to have dead eyes. Lifeless. Purposeless. Glazed-over.

This is a picture of what I mean:

American singer, Billie Eilish

Our whole world seems to be moving away from basic human interaction. Why go into the local grocery store when you can order everything online and have a dead-eyed teenager throw it in the trunk of your car? Why call someone on the phone when you can text them? Why meet in person when you can FaceTime or have a Zoom meeting? I know, I know--it's all more convenient. But it's also serving to further disconnect us.

Society, as a whole, feels lifeless and flat. Modern rap music is tuneless and vulgar. Most movies are mindless. Most TV programming is pointless. Travel is a nightmare.

Streets are filled with trash because no one seems to care enough to keep them clean. In our once-beautiful cities, drug addicts shoot up on the sidewalk and homeless people defecate on the street. A business owner in San Francisco was punched in the face for telling a man to stop urinating in front of his store.

The whole world is backward and upside-down. Businesses fire employees who try to stop shoplifters and looters. The police are punished for stopping crime, while the criminals are paid and allowed to walk free.

Store owners are forced to chain freezer doors.

Men can be women. Women can be men. Men can be pregnant and breastfeed. Ugly is beautiful. We're told to applaud the mediocre and decry achievement. Evil is celebrated, while Judeo-Christian values are deemed to be a danger to society.

We have a mental health crisis, as well.

Just last month, the Michigan House passed legislation that would make it a felony hate crime to deliberately “mis-gender" someone.

We're being conditioned to accept all this as the "new normal." And, if you say anything to the contrary, you're labelled a racist, bigoted, white-supremacist.

The global controllers and climate-change fanatics are ratcheting up the stakes even more. Have you heard that hot water tanks, lawn maintenance equipment and portable generators are now all on the chopping block to be banned?

And, of course, mainstream media purposefully refuses to report on issues that don't fit their narrative:

It's all just TOO MUCH.

And FEAR is at the root of our malaise.

We fear we will never return to any semblance of normality. We fear that things are going to get worse. We fear that our most trusted institutions are intentionally harming us. We fear that our government is deliberately trying to destroy our country. We fear that our election process is broken and that we can't vote our way out of this mess.

We're afraid we're trapped.

And, as a result, we've become lifeless, hopeless zombies.

The walking dead.


There ARE things we can do. There IS an antidote to the fear.

Taking positive ACTION, in some form, is the key.

I ran across an article by author Timothy Snyder, that really spoke to me. I've condensed and paraphrased some of his thoughts on what we, as individuals, can do to cope:

  1. Do NOT automatically obey without question. When people are fearful, they freely give away their rights. This allows those in power to take even more control.

  2. Accept what is. We don't have to condone it. Or agree with it. But unless we realistically accept where we are, there's no way we can move forward to create something better.

  3. Stand out. It's easy to keep our heads down and follow the crowd. But then nothing changes. It takes courage to do something different. The moment you set an example, others will follow your lead.

  4. Investigate. Don't believe what the internet or the media is telling you. Some of what's online is there to harm you. Use alternate search engines like

  5. Believe in, and seek, truth. To abandon facts is to abandon freedom.

  6. Make eye contact, engage in small talk, and smile. It's not just polite, it's part of being a citizen and a responsible member of society. It brings a positive energy to the world, which is so desperately needed.

  7. Move your body. The controllers want us soft in our recliners with our emotions draining out on a screen. Get outside. Go for a walk and enjoy nature.

  8. Contribute to good causes. Be active in organizations that express your own view of life. Support businesses and charities that support your values.

  9. Be as courageous as you can. Remember the old saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

  10. Be a patriot. Set a good example of what America means for the generations to come.

So, all is not lost. We CAN make a difference.

Let's work together to administer CPR to the walking dead.

To show the potentialities of a brighter future,

we must first resuscitate the visions of a better past.

-Josh Bernstein


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