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We're Over the Target

I came across a video a few days ago that I just have to share.

A monologue by Joe Rogan (spoken on his Aug. 6, 2021, episode of the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Spotify) has been highlighted with historical images and set to music by filmmaker, Samuel Rivera. Please watch this 1-minute 45-second video. It’s inspiring. (CAUTION: There are a few expletives used.)

One of his statements has stuck with me:

As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn't exist previously, if they can figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses or lets you do this or lets businesses open, historically they are not going to give that power up. They find new reasons to use it.”

He equates government leaders ordering COVID vaccine mandates to dictators we’ve seen throughout history. And I believe it is a fair comparison.

Governments have always used fear to control and manipulate the masses. The premise is simple: the more governments can keep us afraid, the more we will look to them for solutions--and the more power and control they have.

And notice how governments are using the mainstream media as their principal agent of fear. Every newscast starts with reports of COVID death counts, COVID case counts, hospital overruns, climate and weather catastrophes, environmental collapse, terrorism.

It’s all fear.

When the masses are gripped by fear, rational thought and cognitive capacities are disabled. The government knows that it’s hard for people to defend themselves when they’re on bended knees.


We’re starting to see signs that our government leaders, not just here in the U.S., but world-wide, are beginning to fear something bigger than they are.


Can you feel it? People are finally starting to stand up against tyranny. People are seeing through the lies, spin and doublespeak.

And, as people begin to push back, governments around the world are lashing out more and more -- a clear indication of THEIR fear.

Here are some recent examples:

Following the deaths of thirteen service members at the hands of a suicide bomber in Kabul, Marine Lt, Col. Stuart Scheller showed his willingness to lay his rank on the table and stand up for accountability in the military. He subsequently resigned, but the Marines would not accept his resignation. They told him "he served at the pleasure of the President" and then threw him in the brig without being charged. Essentially, he is a political prisoner for the crime of speaking out.

The military is also demonstrating that, although it's okay to turn an entire country over to a horde of Taliban barbarians, you don't dare appear on stage with Donald Trump. The young Marine seen in viral photos rescuing a baby at the Kabul airport is under military command investigation for the crime of being introduced by President Trump at the recent rally in Georgia.

The vaccine mandates around the world are creating increasing chaos. People are standing up against them, and they are sacrificing their careers and the financial well-being of their families to do so. Regardless of how you personally feel about getting the vaccine, the intrusive, draconian mandates are doing nothing but hardening resistance. Here in the U.S., tens of thousands of healthcare workers, police, fire fighters, teachers and military personnel are taking a stand for personal sovereignty and freedom. And they are being fired. Why would you even consider terminating the employment of doctors and nurses and other essential personnel in a pandemic? It makes no sense.

Three thousand doctors and scientists met in Rome for the Global COVID Summit to speak truth to power. They have put their medical careers and licenses on the line by signing a resolution that accuses COVID policymakers of “crimes against humanity.”

And now, people with some of the largest social media followings in the world are courageously speaking out. A few stars in the NBA are standing up against the vaccine mandates. So is Nicki Minaj, a popular recording artist, with 23 MILLION Twitter followers. Nicki took to social media to speak out about a vax requirement to attend the Met Gala, and went into detail about her cousin's friend's unfortunate reaction to the vaccine. The response from the powers-that-be to Nicki's speaking out? The administration “invited” her to speak with officials at the White House so they could "educate" her.

Recording artist, John Ondrasik, debuted a new song entitled "Blood On My Hands" about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. For those of us old enough to remember, it's very reminiscent of the anti-war songs of the 1960's.

And, in another instance of the rulers trying to put down the unruly masses, YouTube/Google just banned, not only anti-COVID vaccine information, but ALL anti-vaccine information, including vaccines for mumps, measles, Hepatitis B, and many others. You now can't be informed about, or discuss, negative effects of an approved vaccine. It is forbidden.

Through one of my sources, I was made aware of this emergency document just issued by the first minister of the Province of Saskatchewan. Please read it. It's only two pages long, but it is alarming. This document outlines all the powers the government can assume for itself when they declare a COVID-19 "emergency." Rumor has it that similar documents are about to be put in place in U.S. states and other countries. Is it unreasonable to think that all the doctors, nurses, first responders and members of the military refusing the vaccine will constitute the "emergency" they're referring to? It's not hard to connect the dots.

As Neil Oliver, a Scottish archeologist, historian and broadcaster, says in this incredible 7-mintue video, there is a smell of fear. But this time it’s different. The fear we are smelling is not coming from us at the bottom of the pile, it’s coming from our controllers at the top.

There’s a saying attributed to an anonymous WWII bomber pilot that goes something like, “The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.”

Hold the line, Patriots. We're flying into a heavy flak storm. We're over the target.

Bombs away!

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

-Edmund Burke

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Oct 01, 2021

I absolutely love your postings, you give us information which I believe to be the absolute truth. You also give me hope, hope that if we stand together and let our voices be heard we will gain control of our beautiful country once again!!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 02, 2021
Replying to

We are in a war for the soul of our country and with all of us standing together we will win. Thanks for your kind words and support!


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