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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The news cycle exploded this past week with so many "it-shouldn't-be-this-way" stories that it made my head spin. Trying to take it all in was like drinking from a fire hose. I struggled to come up with anything meaningful to add to the discourse, so I'm choosing to remain still and see how it all plays out.

In the meantime, I settled on sharing something that has been nagging at me for a long time. I believe it is indicative of how far our society has fallen.

Can you think of any artform more offensive, racist and disrespectful than "blackface?"

Blackface is a form of theatrical make-up used by non-black people to portray a caricature of a black person. From the 1830's and well into the Civil Rights era of the 1950's and 1960's, blackface was a form of entertainment that perpetuated demeaning racial stereotypes.

Thankfully, blackface is now recognized for the highly offensive, dehumanizing practice that it is.

Unfortunately, though, it appears we've entered a new blackface era--it's just going by a different name.


Society doesn't tolerate blackface--so why is it now celebrating womanface?

Let me show you what I mean...

We're all familiar with the hubbub surrounding the ideology of transgenderism. It's permeating our entire society, and normalizing everything from biological men pushing women out of their own sports to drag queens giving lap dances to 10th graders,

But now things are being pushed to a whole new level.

Ladies and gentlemen--meet transgender Tik-Tok and social media influencer, Dylan Mulvaney!

Dylan Mulvaney is a biological male. However, he (and I use that pronoun because Dylan IS a male) has risen to fame by documenting his transgender "journey to womanhood" on social media. Here he is on "Day One" of his journey:

You can clearly see in this video that he is ACTING like a ridiculous girly-girl and is using demeaning stereotypes of what HE believes a girl would act like.

Dylan's social media following has continued to grow. He hit the influencer jackpot when he was actually invited to the White House on the 221st day of his public "transition" to discuss "trans rights" with Joe Biden.

As an aside, if you ever want to really know what's going on in the United States, it's best to take a look at the foreign press. The following video shows Sky News Australia making fun of our genuflecting to, and groveling before, the transgender ideology. Watch as they laugh at Drew Barrymore kneeling at the feet of Dylan Mulvaney in an extremely cringe-y interview. You can search on your own and watch the entire interview if you want to "lose your lunch" as the commentator on Sky News says:

And now, this week, Dylan Mulvaney has been elevated even further as THE face of wokeness and transgender ideology.

On Sunday April 2, Dylan Mulvaney was named the new brand ambassador for Bud Light.

The Dylan Mulvaney special edition can

Fortunately, Anheuser-Busch's action has spectacularly backfired. In trying to be woke and market to a consumer demographic that it does not currently have, they've managed to spark outrage from their core consumer base--who are most definitely NOT woke girly-girls.


And also this...

But, apparently, other companies haven't yet gotten the message. Dylan Mulvaney is now Nike's WOMEN'S new clothing brand ambassador. Seriously, can anything be more insulting and demeaning to women than a biological MAN promoting women's sports apparel, including leggings and sports bras?

C'mon Nike--you've just become a brand that now treats a man PRETENDING to be a women better than it treats real women. Does anyone remember Allyson Felix, an eleven-time Olympic medalist, who used to be a Nike spokesperson?

In 2018, Allyson (a Nike brand ambassador, model and Team USA Olympian) got pregnant. Nike then offered her 70% less pay than her original contract, and gave her no guarantees of paying her if her performance as a brand ambassador declined during her pregnancy. They also gave her no maternity protections.

Allyson left Nike and joined up with sports apparel brand Athleta and also went on to found her own shoe brand, Saysh.

And here's another shaking-my-head example.

How can a company like Tampax happily market their products and pay thousands of dollars to a biological male with no vagina and who can't menstruate?

Oh, and as our Southern border explodes with hordes of illegals crossing and drug cartels killing tens of thousands of Americans with fentanyl and meth...our so-called "border czar" has time to send a letter of congratulations to Dylan Mulvaney on his 365th day of womanhood:

It appears that Dylan Mulvaney is finding his journey to womanhood to be a very lucrative business. He is now a brand ambassador, model, or paid brand partner for these companies:

• Nike Women

• Bud Light

• Ole Henrikson

• Plaza Hotel

• Mac

• Ulta Beauty

• Tampax

• Crest

• Kate Spade

• Ok Cupid

• Svedka Vodka

• Urban Decay

• Walmart

• Mugler

• Rent the Runway

• Aritzia

• Charlotte Tilbury

Keep in mind that some of these brands (e.g., Nike Women, Tampax, Ulta Beauty) market to women exclusively. Using a biological male, who has no idea what it is like to actually BE a woman, makes a mockery of women. It is the new blackface and it is despicable. Plus, it shows Dylan's young, impressionable fans that if you mock women, you get rewarded with fame and fortune.

So all this begs the question--where are all the feminists who fought so hard for equal rights and equal pay? Maybe it's not about women's rights after all.

In my opinion, this is just one more way that the left's agenda sets out to separate and dehumanize us. The radical left in our country doesn't believe in equal justice under the law. They tell us that a man can get pregnant, They tell us that drag shows and pornography are fine for children, and that children should be able to receive "gender-affirming care" without parental consent (including surgically removing breasts, uteri and penises from children who are barely into puberty).

Everything we're being told is a LIE. And the progressive left is hoping against hope that we're all buying into the lies.

But the good news is that more and more people are waking up to, and standing up for, the TRUTH.

Please take 4 minutes to watch this video from New Saint Andrews College. It is a powerful statement against the cultural rot that is undermining our country; and it ends with the positive message that, "We will plant again and we will harvest a hundred-fold. After all, composting empires make the richest soil."

"Lies get their power from the idiocy of the deceived."

-New Saint Andrews College video


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4 comentários

07 de abr. de 2023

Dylan Mulvaney is making a mockery of girlhood and womanhood. I blamed idiots and corporations who have funded him as he could not have done this by himself. I will boycott the companies that promote this B.S. and hopefully the majority of Americans will do the same. America seems to be getting worse not better. It's painful to watch. How much more can we take before we have no other recourse but to revolt?

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
07 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a

America has gotten darker. But I do think the lies are starting to collapse under their own weight.


07 de abr. de 2023

On point as always!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
07 de abr. de 2023
Respondendo a



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