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Open Eyes

I recently posted a blog entry entitled, "Peaceful Non-Compliance," that describes the questions you should ask yourself before you blindly believe some government narrative or follow a mandate or edict.

Shortly after that post was published, I came across several news items that further illustrate my point.

First, let's review the questions that I believe must be answered before complying with what is being dictated:

  • Does what I'm being told make sense?

  • Is there an obvious intent to purposely frighten me?

  • Am I being coerced or incentivized into taking a certain action?

  • Will I be punished for NOT taking a certain action?

  • Are all sides of a position being shown, or are opposing opinions being censored?

  • Does it feel right in my gut?

  • Does that "still, small voice" inside me agree with the action?

So, keeping these questions in mind, let's examine some of the recent news items...

Hawaiian Electric, the power company whose equipment is believed to have ignited the wildfires that destroyed Lahaina, may have removed evidence that would have been critical to a federal investigation. According to records obtained by the Washington Post, the company "hauled away fallen poles, power lines, transformers, conductors and other equipment from the area surrounding the Lahaina substation starting on Aug. 12 — days before Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents arrived on sight." (By the way, the two largest institutional shareholders in Hawaii Electric guessed it--Blackrock and Vanguard.)

On Sunday, August 27th, Hawaii Electric revealed that it had "de-energized" its power lines six hours BEFORE the fires started in West Maui. Obviously, this contradicts claims by others (including Maui county) who are suing the company.

If the fire started as a result of downed electrical lines as we were originally told, why would there be an effort to remove evidence?

If the fire did NOT start as a result of downed power lines, how did it start?

Is there something to hide? Is our own government behind efforts to repurpose land to meet their "build back better" plans? That's exactly what a lot of native Hawaiians believe. You decide for yourself.


We've all had to listen to the media and government officials blame climate change for wildfires raging all over the globe. A reasonable person might ask, "Could the fires be purposely set?"

"NO, NO, NO!! It's climate change!" they yell. Then they publish articles like this to try to educate us, the unwashed climate deniers:

Well, it turns out that the media has egg on their collective faces. In Greece (and probably elsewhere), ARSON is to blame--NOT climate change.

Eco-terrorism IS a real thing. Are dark forces behind all these wildfires? Are arsonists being paid by those who stand to benefit from destroyed land? Seems like reasonable questions to ask.

And we won't even broach the topic of Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) that many are talking about. You can follow that rabbit down the hole on your own, but here's what the History Channel has to say:


For more government gaslighting...

We've been told by the media and government officials that our border is secure.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before Congress on July 23, 2023, that, “Our approach to managing the borders securely and humanely — even within our fundamentally broken immigration system — is working.”

Well, well, well. Look what truth just surfaced. According to former immigration judge, Andrew Arthur, the DHS is deliberately not disclosing the number of illegal immigrants who are released into the United States each month. The purpose for not releasing the numbers, according to Arthur, is simply political; as it would reflect poorly upon the Biden administration.


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we're seeing evidence that COVID lockdown 2.0 is on its way. Joe Biden has already signed off on it:

But did you catch what Biden said? He said he's ordering a vaccine that "works," and it'll be recommended for everyone, "whether you've got it before or not."

This is where I start to ask questions...

Check out this article entitled. "War Is Growing Against Top American Doctors!" It addresses in great detail how many prominent medical doctors have been summarily censored, fired, had their licenses suspended, had their bank accounts closed, and, dare I say, died under mysterious circumstances.

Why? Just because these brave doctors dared to exercise their basic right to freedom of speech and publicly question the official COVID narrative??

And now (maybe in preparation for COVID 2.0?), YouTube (which is owned by Google) has established this censorship policy:

I refer you back to one of my key questions:

Why are they so hell-bent on censoring medical opinions and information? What are they afraid I'll learn?

And the same thing goes for masks. The media and government are already cranking up the fear levels. I've begun to see masks again on my trips to the local supermarket. How long before we are all forced to queue up at the cash register wearing the universal symbol of submission, while standing like mind-numbed robots on the X's on the floor? I sure hope it's soon so we can all feel "safe" again.

Study after study has shown that masks are basically worthless for preventing the spread of an airborne virus. They're also potentially dangerous for the wearer, according to the NIH. And here's a German study on mask toxicity.

Masks have been proven to be psychologically and developmentally harmful to children (who have literally zero risk of serious infection).

Even Florida's Surgeon General urges Americans to REFUSE to follow new mask mandates.


The bottom line, again, is--it's time to make your own conscious decisions. Before you blindly go along with any dictates, do your homework. You certainly have to do what is right for you and your family. Just ask questions. Stay out of fear. Follow your instincts and your own discernment.

P.S. If you don't see this post, I'm probably being censored.

"We are only as blind as we want to be."

-Maya Angelou


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