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That's Weird...

One of my objectives in writing this blog is to present news reports in such a way that you, the reader, can use your own discernment as to what is really going on. More and more, multiple events are connected in ways that aren't always obvious. As I research articles and stories from media outlets around the world, I am perpetually astounded by the ever-increasing number of "coincidences" that, on the surface, appear to be unrelated.

"Nothing to see here" is getting harder and harder for me to believe.

Here are some recent news items that make me wonder about the uncanny timing of things...


The news: Now that people have "moved on" from the COVID-19 pandemic, there's suddenly another virus danger lurking out there. It's called monkeypox. The World Health Organization (WHO) is raising the alarm.

What's weird:

  • Currently, the largest breakout of the monkeypox virus is in Europe. AstraZeneca is the COVID-19 vaccine primarily used in European countries. Does anyone else find it odd that one of the ingredients in the AstraZeneca vaccine is...adenovirus from chimpanzees?

  • The Biden administration--along with most of the other world governments--is very close to ceding control of our lives to the WHO by signing their "global pandemic treaty." This treaty grants the WHO the right to decide what a "public health emergency" is, and then have total control of emergency operations here in the U.S. and globally. Isn't it strange that this is being proposed right at the time the monkeypox virus is starting to be publicized?

  • Apparently, monkeypox is a lot like least according to and the official Australian government health website. Check out these pictures--anyone else see something odd?

  • The Biden administration has purchased 13 MILLION doses of monkeypox vaccine for $119 million, with the option to buy another $180 million more--and this after only ONE confirmed case in Massachusetts.

  • These 13 million doses of the vaccine have been purchased from Bavarian Nordic biotech company. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has supported Bavarian Nordic with well over $100 million in grants. NIAID is currently led by...(drum roll, please)...Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  • The Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a globalist security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity, remarkably "predicted" the monkeypox outbreak six months BEEORE any outbreak occurred. Here is a page from their report that was published in November 2021. They even got the "ATTACK" dates right. Pretty strange, huh!

  • The Biden administration has extended the COVID-19 public health emergency past mid-July. This declaration allows the government to grant emergency use authorizations of drugs and vaccines; and institute other medical countermeasures. Convenient, wouldn't you say?

  • Bill Gates is pleading with the world to plan for the next pandemic because "we're running out of time."

But, there is some hope. The source of the monkeypox virus may have been found:

These events may be random coincidences. But looking at them all's just plain weird.


Baby Formula Shortage

The news: A baby formula shortage is gripping the United States.

What's weird:

  • An Abbott Nutrition manufacturing facility in Michigan was shut down last February due to a product recall caused by a bacterial contamination. The FDA has known about a problem at the plant since last October 2021, However, while Abbott Nutrition and the FDA are now working to reopen the plant, no definite timeline has been set. As reported in my last blog post, the White House has been blaming the baby formula shortage on Abbott.

  • Pallets and pallets of baby formula are being sent to the southern border to give to illegal immigrants. Even a U.S. Senator thinks it's odd that we're taking care of illegals before our own citizens:

  • Bill Gates is heavily invested in a synthetic, soy-based baby formula called BioMilq.

It's all just weird.


Elon Musk

The news: Elon Musk is purchasing the social media platform, Twitter, for $44 billion.

Background: Elon Musk has been a darling of the Democrat left for many years. He was the exemplar of everything the left wants. They loved him for founding Tesla, because electric cars will help to eliminate our dependence on oil. They idolized him for founding SpaceX, because one of the company's stated objectives is to colonize Mars to save humankind from extinction caused by climate change. His company, Starlink, launches satellites to provide hi-speed broadband internet to the global population. He and Starlink are credited with aiding Ukraine in its battle with Putin's Russia. They also loved him because he left South Africa to escape apartheid, disinformation and white privilege.

What's weird:

  • Since his announcement of the purchase, the left has gone into meltdown mode. They are now disparaging and impugning Elon because he has spoken out against censorship and FOR free speech and the First Amendment. That's odd...they just loved him a month ago.

Go deeper: Elon Musk announced on May 18, 2022, that he could no longer vote for Democrats because they were the party of division and hate,

What's REALLY weird: Less than a day after announcing his plans to vote Republican and then bashing the Biden administration for their policies, the attacks by the left have snowballed:

  • His company, Tesla, was removed from the S&P 500 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Index.

  • He was hit with a claim from a flight attendant who was hired as a contractor for the corporate jet fleet of Space X. The claimant said that, in 2016, Musk exposed himself to her, touched her leg, and offered to purchase a horse for her in exchange for an erotic massage.

Isn't it weird how fast the left will take you from a hero to a zero if you don't bend the knee?


Fuel Shortages

The news: We are experiencing skyrocketing gasoline and diesel fuel prices and shortages.

What's weird:

Here are some interesting statistics showing why Biden's energy policy of shunning U.S. oil production makes no sense:

Without going into the math of how much CO2 is created by all the tankers coming to the U.S. per year, how does this make more sense than drilling our own oil, or importing it from Canada and shipping it through pipelines? There is nothing "green" about buying foreign oil.

All of this seems bizarre...unless you were purposely trying to destroy the country.

Weird, huh?


Election Fraud

The news: Dinesh D'Souza's documentary on election fraud, 2000 Mules, is a tremendous hit with viewers, but not so much with leftist news media and movie critics.

What's weird: +

  • Rotten Tomatoes is an American review-aggregation website for film and television. The site compiles reviews from verified film critics as well as average moviegoers. The left side (Tomatometer) is the critic score. The right side is the audience score. In the case of 2000 Mules, the audience score vs. the critics score says it all (I've used Rotten Tomatoes repeatedly over the years and have NEVER seen this happen!):

  • If you use Google to search for the 2000 Mules website, their search algorithm returns completely different results than the uncensored search engines. Google buries the official website among a slew of articles disparaging the movie. Try it for yourself--use or to search for "2000 mules" and you'll see the difference. When Google hides search results from you, you can be sure you're over the target!

That's weird...

"Curiouser and curiouser!”

-Alice in Wonderland


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