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The Outer Limits

In my last blog post, I wrote about how our country has "crossed over into the Twilight Zone."

In this week's post, thanks to some reader comments, I focused on tying the current state of our country to another favorite TV series from my childhood, The Outer Limits. As a ten-year old when the show debuted in 1963, I was already fascinated with flying saucers, the space program and science fiction. Every Monday night at 7:30 PM, I'd plaster my face up close to the television screen waiting to be creeped out.

What I remember most about this show is not any of the individual episodes, but rather the chilling opening. It showed the waves of an oscilloscope followed by an Orwellian narrator telling the viewer that, for the next hour, "WE will control ALL that you see and hear."

Here is that original opening:

Watching this opening now, it's funny to realize that anyone born after 1970 probably won't even fully understand it. With the invention of integrated circuitry, horizontal and vertical controls on tv sets became obsolete--as did the classic test pattern.

But I digress.

Back to our country...

From all I am seeing in this current news cycle, it is unbelievable just how far America has ventured into the outer limits of total insanity.

Here are some recent examples (by category) that illustrate my point:

The Trans Agenda

Check out this headline from the Daily Mail and try to follow along:

And now Glamour magazine has named a biological man as one of their "Women of the Year."

Gender-affirming care for children, schools hiding children's transitions from their parents, biological males competing in women's sports--it's all trans-insanity in the outer limits.


The Pandemic

In 2018, everyone's favorite "medical expert," Dr. Anthony Fauci, brought a strain of "SARS-like" corona virus from Wuhan, China, to his NIH-funded lab in Montana. Then, he obtained twelve Egyptian fruit bats from an illegal "roadside zoo" in Maryland so he could conduct "Frankenstein" experiments on them. I kid you not:

To top it off, Fauci has the chutzpah to say HE has "nightmares" about the "next inevitable pandemic."


January 6

As we all know, President Trump is on trial for election interference stemming from the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. One of the things the Democrats and the media breathlessly claim is that Trump "incited the violence" with his speech at a D.C. rally prior to the events at the Capitol building. Here is a clip of his speech where he tells the crowd to "peacefully and patriotically" walk to the Capitol:

At his trial, Trump's attorneys demonstrated the absurdity of these charges by showing the court (and the world) a four-minute montage of how the Democrats are truly the ones inciting violence.

And, speaking of inciting violence, remember this gem from un-funny comedienne, Kathy Griffin?

This is pushing it to the outer limits, for sure.


The Border

Just when you thought the disaster at our southern border can't get any worse, buckle up.

A whistleblower has told Congress that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has pulled agents investigating child trafficking off their cases to make sandwiches for illegals!

Instead of protecting our border, you'll be happy to know that our tax dollars are paying for catering and concierge services.

In other news about our broken immigration system, the chickens (illegals) are coming home to roost. Mayors of "sanctuary cities," who have chosen to not enforce federal immigration laws in their cities, are being overwhelmed by an influx of immigrants. These mayors have touted their illegal policies of not reporting illegals to federal authorities and have drained city coffers by extending city services to them at the expense of their own citizens.

Now, these same mayors have the audacity to ask the American taxpayers to fork over $5 billion to address the "humanitarian crisis impacting [their] cities." In a letter to Joe Biden, the mayors of five sanctuary cities are asking for the funding because "the diversity of nationalities" has become a problem. Wait...aren't these the same people who say diversity is our greatest strength? Any Republican making those statements would be tarred and feathered for being a RACIST.

And the following video clearly shows how our government "works" on our behalf. When Texas installs a fence to keep out illegals, the federal government opens it to let them in. Talk about the outer limits -- this isn't immigration, it's an invasion.


The Judiciary

A big reason why this country is in such deep trouble, is because so many leftist judges have been appointed to the bench. Following is a video of one of the current Biden judicial nominees appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She insanely tries to dance around the fact that she withheld a letter she had written to the governor of Connecticut recommending the release of prisoners from state prisons.

Watch as Republican Senator John Kennedy questions her about the letter that the committee found in doing its due diligence. The nominee's verbal gymnastics are incredible as she ties herself in knots trying to squirm out of her own lies of omission.

Senator Kennedy's attempt to bring some sanity back to our judiciary is impressive--especially when he tells the nominee that, if she wants to see the letter she wrote, she just needs to "google herself."


In the face of the worst attacks on Jews since World War II, rampant anti-Semitism, and pro-Palestinian demonstrations around the world, the White House has decided that it needs to shore up it's Arab-American voter base.

A new poll shows that, due to the administration's support of Israel, Joe Biden's approval among Arab-Americans is tanking. It only took one day for the White House to create a "National Strategy for Combating Islamophobia" to try and shore up his base.

Ironically, this comes a day after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress that, although Jews make up only 2.4% of the US population, they are victims of 60% of all religious-based hate crimes.

Compare the two charts below.

There were less than 200 anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2022.

For the same time period, anti-Semitic hate crime cases were nearly TWENTY times greater.

The White House has pushed tone-deafness to the outer limits on this one, for sure.



Think back to the opening for The Outer Limits TV show and the narrator saying, "For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear."

That's exactly what is happening in our country. Too many people (and young people, in particular) are sitting back and letting the mainstream media, social media, and the in-power elites control all that they see and hear. They absorb the messages, and do whatever they are told.

A perfect example of this is demonstrated in the video below. Young people are asked if they will sign a petition to "help Hamas free Palestine." They are happy to sign. They've been brainwashed by the media that Israel is a colonizer/occupier and a killer of babies in Gaza.

BUT, the petitioner then says that, before they sign, he has to read them the "terms and conditions." He goes on and tells them that, by signing the petition, they are in favor of:

  • every Jew, Christian, and non-Muslim in the world being slaughtered;

  • punishing homosexuality by jail or death;

  • Iran using Palestinians as puppets to spread radical jihad and destroy the West;

  • strict Sharia law--which prohibits women from showing their knees, displaying their hair, playing sports in public, and being able to travel only with a man's permission;

  • a terrorist group who beheads babies and rapes girls to replace the only democracy in the Middle East.

After hearing all of this (which is actually Hamas' charter), none of them want to sign.

All that these young people know is what they've heard. Their only sense of history is the one being presented by a one-sided, biased media and liberal academia.

But there is some good news. Before any problem can be solved, one must first recognize that there IS a problem. And people ARE waking up to the fact that we have a big problem.

It's time we all do our part to exercise our power of thought and reasoning, and stand up against any efforts to push us further into insanity.

Because the next episode is right around the corner.

As the closing monologue of each show says:

We now return control of your television set to you, until next week at this same time, when the Control Voice will take you to...The Outer Limits.


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