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The Patriot Digest - vol. 7

Food shortages. Empty store shelves. No toys for Christmas. Buckle up, folks.

We're in the midst of a historical global supply chain crisis, and the Biden administration is preparing Americans for empty store shelves and disappointed children at Christmas.

But never fear! Our intrepid Department of Transportation is on it. Right?

Well, not exactly.

We found out this week that our Secretary of Transportation, Pete ("Mayor Pete") Buttigieg has been on paid paternity leave since August. While dozens and dozens of container ships are drifting at sea, understaffed ports are scrambling to unload them. A representative for the Secretary's office confessed that Mayor Pete has effectively been "off-line" for the past eight weeks as he is on paid paternity leave in order to spend time with his husband and their two newborn babies.

Many have questioned Pete Buttigieg's qualifications to even BE the Secretary of Transportation. Now that he's taken two months off to be with HIS family, isn't it time for him to do his job and put American families first?


In last week’s Patriot Digest, we talked about Attorney General Merrick Garland responding to a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA), by declaring that the FBI would be monitoring those unruly "domestic terrorist" parents who dared to speak out at school board meetings.

Well, a little more background information has come to the surface regarding the incident that sparked the letter from the NSBA.

Scott Smith, the father of a Loudon County, Virginia, female student was arrested last July for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. It turns out that Smith’s daughter reported to the school that she had been raped in the school bathroom by a “gender fluid” boy “wearing a skirt." (The school had recently instituted a policy that “allows students to use the facility that corresponds to their consistently asserted gender identity.")

Scott Smith attended the July 22nd school board meeting to publicly air his complaint. The school superintendent told the crowd in attendance that no such incident had been reported and, further, that the “predator transgender student simply does not exist.”

That’s when Scott Smith became enraged and was subsequently removed from the meeting and arrested.

The media published an unflattering picture of him, with his pants half-down and a bloody lip. They proceeded to make him the avatar of the red-neck, Trump-supporting domestic terrorists who, the Biden administration has said, is the greatest threat to our country.

In reality, the school district was shamefully covering up the rape of his daughter in order to protect their politically-correct leftist agenda.

As the father of a daughter myself, I am not sure I could have restrained myself, either.


The deadlines for those unvaccinated to get the jab or face being fired are looming.

However, we may be running up against the law of diminishing returns where more government pressure to have the entire population vaccinated yields less results.

According to the most recent statement from Joe Biden on October 14th, “We’re down to 66 million — it’s still an unacceptably high number — of unvaccinated people from almost 100 million in July.”

A group called The Conservative Treehouse has a fascinating article that crunches the numbers on what happens when everyone refusing a vaccine is fired. They calculate that

"approximately 60 million of those [unvaccinated] are within the current U.S. workforce. Then 60 million workers refusing the vaccine mandate represents about 40 percent of the entire population of eligible workers. Put another way, in the best case scenario, if 60 million people quit working or were fired, the national unemployment rate would be at least 35% !"

And look at the related news stories that are being reported:

What's interesting to note is that all these examples are from blue, Democrat-friendly areas. You can be sure that red states and regions are even stronger in their fight against vaccine mandates.

It's going to get very interesting.

In the meantime, here is a Washington State Trooper, signing off for the very last time from his patrol car after being fired. It's heartbreaking.

Here is a beautiful message from Allison Williams, an ESPN reporter fired for not taking the vaccine. Again, regardless of how you feel about the vaccine itself, she is speaking to EVERYONE. Please watch, and listen what she has to say.


Dr. Fauci, on Fox News Sunday, told Chris Wallace that it is the unvaccinated who could bring on a fifth wave of COVID-19.

That's after Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, said that the vaccine does NOT stop the spread.

It's just so tiresome. And so political. And so hypocritical.

Here's a three-minute video of Democrats telling us, in their own words, how they would NEVER trust a vaccine that was developed under Donald Trump. Isn't it funny how that all changed as soon as Joe Biden was inaugurated?

And here' s a 1-minute montage of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Anthony Fauci and Jen Psaki all telling us there will NEVER be a vaccine mandate. As fellow patriot Jason Shurka said, "They say what they need to say to get to where they want to get to.... and then they flip it."


In case you haven’t noticed, everything is racist. Everything. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, statues, classical music, peanut butter sandwiches, Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben’s rice, even ketchup, is racist. Here’s the definitive list. Check it out. It’s pretty long.

Now, we can add one more to the list. Two-parent families have been deemed a contributing factor to “white supremacy.”

An organization called the National Council on Family Relations is joining up with Black Lives Matter and critical race theorists to declare that a nuclear family (i.e., one consisting of a mother, father and children) is an extension of white supremacy. They’re calling it “family privilege.”

Isn’t "National Council on Family Relations" an interesting name for an organization that wants to destroy families?


And in another casualty of woke-ism, Superman, the beloved hero of the post-WWII era, has been given a more "inclusive" makeover.

If you recall, the opening to the radio and TV shows in the '50s went like this:

Well, thanks to DC Comics becoming woke, no longer does Superman "fight a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

I feel much better now that he fights for "Truth, Justice and...a better tomorrow."


We found out previously that classical music is racist, as is William Shakespeare.

But now so is the song, “Brown Sugar,” by the classic rock group, The Rolling Stones. The Stones have dropped the song from their U.S. tour set list because of their fear of being canceled by the woke brigade over the song’s reference to slavery.

Here are some more of your favorite songs on the woke chopping block and their reasons for being chopped:

SUMMER NIGHTS (from Grease, 1978) – Sexual Assault

Offensive lyric: "Tell me more, tell me more/ did she put up a fight?”

DELILAH (Tom Jones, 1968) – Domestic Violence

Offensive lyric: I crossed the street to her house and she opened the door / She stood there laughing / I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more."

FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS (Queen, 1978) – Pedophilia and Fat Shaming

Offensive lyric: “But I knew love before I left my nursery / Left alone with big fat Fanny / She was such a naughty nanny / Hey big woman, you made a bad boy out of me

WALK LIKE A MAN (The Four Seasons, 1963) – Sexist

Offensive lyric: “Walk like a man / Talk like a man / Walk like a man, my son

And you better get these off your Christmas playlist:

BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (Frank Loesser, 1944) - Sexual Harassment

Offensive lyric: The whole song.

DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? (Band Aid - 1984) - White Savior Mentality

Offensive lyric: The whole song.

Oh don't worry, there are more on the list. Plenty of your favorites from the groove-yard of golden oldies will soon be buried for good, all thanks to woke-ism.

But have you heard any rap/hip-hop music lately?? The extreme profanity and violence in these lyrics are apparently acceptable.


Just in case you're a little confused about the " Let's Go Brandon!" phrase that's gone viral in the last few weeks...

"Brandon" is 28-year old NASCAR stock car driver, Brandon Brown. Brown captured his first win in the Xfinity Series at Talladega Superspeedway on October 2nd. While being interviewed by an NBC reporter, the crowd in the background can be heard chanting, "F--- Joe Biden." Either the reporter didn't understand what the crowd was saying, or in an attempt to cover for it, she said, "you can hear the cheers from the crowd, 'Let's go Brandon'." That's all it took. And now, "Let's go Brandon" is a viral sensation. Keep an eye out. It's popping up everywhere around the world.

I certainly don't want to promote profanity, but this is one of the funniest viral pop-culture moments I've seen in a long time.

The hapless NBC reporter and Brandon Brown may one day be forgotten. But the phrase will live in infamy!


We opened this week's Patriot Digest talking about the supply chain crisis.

On that note, I thought I'd bring this post full-circle with a satellite view of all the container ships queueing up to be unloaded at ports around the country.

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Oct 25, 2021

Another great posting with very informative information as usual. I look forward to Tuesdays for your new postings every week.


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