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Bye, Bye Miss American Pie

I was going through my morning ritual of enjoying coffee and browsing through my go-to online news sites when I stumbled upon an article in the U.K. Daily Mail whose headline screamed at me from my laptop screen, “Apple pie is cancelled!”. It was referring to a previous article published on May 1st in the U.K. Guardian that “Food Injustice has Deep Roots.” FOOD INJUSTICE?? So, I jumped in to find out what new thing we need to be offended by.

It turns out that the great offender is apple pie. The “woke” social justice warriors on the left continue their attack on anything and everything that might be a part of American culture, including now…apple pie. The gist of this ridiculous claim is that apples themselves are a symbol of white colonialism, stolen land, and genocide of indigenous people. The sugar used in baking the pie is linked to the slave trade and even the gingham cloth on which apple pie is traditionally served is a symbol of “war capitalism.” Wait…. WHAT?

This caused me to start thinking about everything else that progressive “woke-ism” is corrupting. And it didn’t take me long to realize that there isn’t much, if anything, the left touches that hasn’t become corrupted and politicized in some way or another.

Could it be that the old phrase, “As American as baseball, hot dogs, motherhood and apple pie”, must now be relegated to the ash heap of political correctness?

I’m afraid, my friends, it is. As I just learned, apple pie is gone. Nope, no serving that to your family or friends for fear of trampling on some woke sensitivities.

What about baseball? It seems you can’t turn on any MLB game without having to be preached at by social justice warriors condemning white supremacy and systemic racism, or seeing flags of George Floyd being unfurled in the outfield bleachers. It used to be that listening to a baseball game on the radio or watching it on TV was an escape from the politics of the day. Now every beer commercial is making some kind of political statement. So, scratch baseball. It’s going, going….GONE!

How about hot dogs? One of the plans outlined in the environmentalist’s utopian dream, The Green New Deal, is for a meat-less society. We’re told how the elimination of livestock flatulence (cow and pig farting) would greatly reduce the production of greenhouse gasses. There is even a study out of the University of Michigan outlining how we can reach the greenhouse gas goals by 2030 by going to a plant-based diet. I guess I’m now supposed to feel guilty about grilling burgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July? “Who wants some grilled cauliflower and Brussels sprouts?” Here’s a politically correct Budweiser to wash it down.

What’s left? Oh, yeah…motherhood. Have you heard that we can’t call the women who get pregnant, carry a baby to term, and then raise that child, a “mother?” Oh my, no. To be sensitive to all genders and pronouns, we must refer to them as “birthing people”, not mothers. The Hallmark slogan, “When you care enough to send the very best” will take on new meaning as Mother’s Day becomes Birthing Person’s Day. And don’t delude yourself into thinking that this stuff is all surface nonsense and will eventually blow over. This woke-ism has permeated deep into the very core of the government bureaucracy. Joe Biden’s latest budget proposal has inserted that very language into the wording by replacing “mothers” with “birthing people.”

Oops…I almost forgot. Chevrolet is in there as a symbol of American culture, too Well, forget seeing the USA in your Chevrolet. If you do, you’ll be burning dreaded fossil fuels and contributing to man-made climate change. And, we’re no longer energy independent since our country’s Keystone Pipeline was wiped out with the stroke of a pen on day one of Joe Biden’s presidency, you’ll be paying prices for gas that are higher than a year ago. But he made friends with Europe by approving Russia’s Nord Stream2 pipeline. Even with higher gas prices, you’ll probably still have a tough time buying a car or truck anyway because of the shortage of computer chips. You see, we don’t make chips in the United States anymore. We buy nearly all of our semi-conductors from communist China.

There is no question that America is under attack from within by those who would see her destroyed for their own unlimited power. Those of us who believe that our founding principles are what led to America becoming the greatest, freest, and most prosperous country on this earth, must stand together and fight to keep her that way. We must be alert and aware of what is happening around us and not be complacent.

To quote Einstein, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Other News You Won’t Hear Much About on Main Stream Media

Can you even imagine what our news media would have done if any of Trump’s children did that? It would have been non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage for three days. Can you say, hypocrisy?

Here’s a brilliant idea! We don’t want to offend anyone, so we won’t name ANY holiday and just call them “day off.” Great. Let’s all join in singing Have a “Holly, Jolly Day Off” while we’re “Rockin’ Around the Day Off Tree.”

I wanted to get my wife, Jan, something expensive for her birthday so I took her to the lumber yard.

Now we can indoctrinate even more of our kids on taxpayer money to hate America. Thanks, Mitch.


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