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More Cowbell

If you don't understand my reference for the title of this post, let me explain.

In a classic Saturday Night Live sketch that aired in April 2000. the SNL cast portrays the 1970's rock band, Blue Oyster Cult. As the band begins a recording session for their hit "Don't Fear the Reaper," the percussionist annoys the others with his over-zealous playing of the cowbell. They call in the record producer, who tells the group that what the song actually needs is "more cowbell." From there, hilarity ensues. If you've never seen the sketch, please watch it so you'll understand why I've titled this post, More Cowbell. At the very least, it will make you smile.

In the SNL sketch, the cowbell is loud, repetitive, and outrageously overrides everything else--kind of what we see happening all around us today.

As the state of our society seems to be crumbling, things are getting more and more ridiculous. The progressive left and this administration keep pushing the same old agenda and narrative. And they're turning up the volume. Apparently, they believe if they keep doing and saying the same things, only louder (more cowbell!), they'll convince us to willingly accept their propaganda.

Let me give you a few examples...

The woke left keeps pushing for more and more acceptance of the transgender ideology:

  • In Vermont, a girl's volleyball team has been banned from their own locker room. A transgender athlete evidently made an "inappropriate remark" to the girls in their locker room; and, as a result, the girls lodged a complaint. However, they were told that, if they felt uncomfortable, they could use a single-stall bathroom to change. Vermont's state law stipulates that students can play sports and use the locker room which corresponds to the gender with which they identify. So, because the biological girls feel uncomfortable with a biological male (who identifies as a female) changing in their locker room, THEY are the ones who have to find another place to change.

  • The governor of California just signed into law, a bill making the state a sanctuary for "gender-affirming surgery for minors." California is now saying that they will, without parental knowledge or consent, allow gender transition procedures to be performed – including administering puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and performing irreversible surgeries. Parental groups have said that California has become the Pied Piper in enticing minors to run away in pursuit of harmful drugs and sterilizing surgeries.

It's the same old trope...the red states are "demonizing the transgender community."

More cowbell...


In my previous blog post, Blinders, I had passed along some information about how the country's largest teacher's union is promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda, transgender ideology and child pornography.

Well, more information has come out on this, thanks to the site, Libs of TikTok.

[If you're not familiar with Libs of TikTok, you should check it out. It's a conservative Twitter account that simply reposts content previously posted by liberals, leftists, and LGBTQ+ people on TikTok. What's amazing is that Twitter has deemed the Libs of TikTok "hateful" and suspended the account multiple times for merely reposting what the liberals had already posted themselves!]

A local Ohio LBGTQ+ caucus of the National Education Association has now begun issuing badges to teachers containing a QR code which, when scanned, links to a site hat goes into detail about how to perform explicit sex acts.

Here is a teacher promoting the badge to her students:

Parents are outraged. School officials are defensive. Same old story.

But I guess we haven't had enough. We need more cowbell!


This past Tuesday, September 27, Russia claimed 15% of Ukrainian territory to be annexed as a result of what the West is calling a "sham" referendum.

Because of this action, the U.S., in conjunction with our allies in Brussels, have instituted MORE sanctions against Russia. (I guess the last round of sanctions worked really well because Russia got wealthier, we got poorer, and Europe is on the verge of collapse.)

So, just like that, Congress passed a stopgap measure to avert a government shutdown that also includes ANOTHER $12.3 billion for Ukraine. And oh, by the way...did you know that the $65 BILLION we've already sent is not just supporting them militarily? According to U.S. Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) who serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, we're supporting their entire government INCLUDING their pension plans!

Spending is so out of control, we don't even blink when we hear the word "billion." I can comprehend one million dollars. A hundred million maybe gets a little harder. But 65 BILLON dollars?? Maybe it helps to think of it as 65,000 MILLION dollars!

But hey...more cowbell!


We all know that it is unconstitutional for the government to interfere with the free speech of its citizens.

But is it illegal if the government hires an independent third-party to do it on their behalf (kind of like hiring a hitman to do the dirty work)?

In a bombshell report, it's been revealed that the Federal government was working with four private groups (ironically called the Election Integrity Partnership) during the 2020 election to censor twenty, right-leaning news organizations. In addition to these news organizations, the EIP also developed a list of a number of individuals they deemed to be "repeat spreaders"' of election misinformation. These individuals included President Donald Trump along with his sons, Donald and Eric, and a number of other prominent figures on social media.

What's been revealed is that, after Biden took office, this partnership was rewarded with millions of dollars of taxpayer money. Their work is continuing today.

This is another example of how this administration continues to violate the First Amendment. To quote the SNL sketch, this administration "has a fever and the only prescription is...more cowbell!"


As time goes on, more and more information keeps coming out about the dangers of the "juice." You know what I mean...that sharp thing that the government wants us to put in our arm to keep us from getting you-know-what? (I have to say it that way or I'll be blocked, canceled or shadow-banned.)

Here is just some of the latest information that has recently come to light:

But now that more and more adverse effects and accounts of vaccine injury are being reported, the effort to minimize and normalize the whole situation is underway. A prime example is that heart and cardiovascular issues are becoming increasingly commonplace in children. In particular, the condition known as myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart) was generally unheard of in children prior to 2021, but is now being more frequently diagnosed. Even though medical institutions claim they have no idea what could be causing it, they've decided that it can't POSSIBLY be from that pharmaceutical product that shan't be named. Now that they can't explain why there's a sudden rise in cases of myocarditis in children, they are attempting to normalize this previously rare condition. A commercial put out by New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital attempts to make everything seem okay. The original video has been taken down, but here is a captured video of the ad:

Here is a sad example of the toll the vax narrative has had on people.

Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy following her booster shot. Listen as she says that she'd do it again because, "That's what we have to do to ee people."

And here's an example of what the vaccine mandates have done to our military.

On Friday, September 30, Joe Biden personally called a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch, to personally thank him for saving lives after Hurricane Ian. What Biden didn't realize was that Loesch is due to be discharged in a matter of days because he refused to get "juiced" as a result of Biden's vaccine mandate. Loesch is one of 2,632 members of the Coast Guard who refuse to get a vaccine. Technician Loesch said, "If I had asked any of the people I saved yesterday if they wanted to come with me even though I am unvaccinated, every single one of them would have said 'yes.'"

Despite EVERYTHING (facts, data, personal stories of injury and harm), Biden provided us with the ultimate cowbell concert. In preparing for Hurricane Ian's landfall in Florida, Biden said the BEST way to prepare for a hurricane is to....GET VACCINATED NOW. That way, everything will be "less complicated."

I feel pretty sure that all those people who lost everything in the storm are thinking, "Dang, I should've gotten the juice. Things would be less complicated."

“Just because you are the loudest, doesn’t make you right.”

— Brian Halligan


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Oct 05, 2022

The clowns are running this circus and I wish this act would end with the curtain falling on their performance (s)

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 05, 2022
Replying to

Totally agree!


Oct 04, 2022

Another great post. And you are correct. That video of that Canadian woman is just ridiculous. It just goes to show you that the indoctrination of the left is in full swing. They cannot and will not admit they have been duped.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Oct 04, 2022
Replying to

Thank you. And you're exactly right!


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