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The Dam is Breaking

Can you feel it?

2023 is only a couple of weeks old and there's already a definite sense that the old world is crumbling.

What's going on?

As humans, each of us has formed our own "paradigm" (e.g., standard, perspective, model of reality) based on our life's experiences; and we use this individual paradigm to guide our actions and behavior.

But what happens when we learn that our paradigm has been skewed by false ideas, lies and propaganda? What happens when we realize that the standards we live by and the perspectives through which we view life have been influenced heavily by a "narrative" promoted by an outside organization/government to advance their own agenda?

We. Wake. Up.

When we truly grasp that we've been living under a manipulated "narradigm" (a term coined by predictive linguist, Clif High) instead of our own paradigm, the narradigm begins to crack.

Let's look at some recent news items that highlight that this very thing is happening...

The "official" President John F. Kennedy assassination narradigm is beginning to crack.

In December 2022, the Biden administration released over 12,000 highly-redacted CIA documents surrounding the assassination of JFK.

The mainstream media has been quick to tell us that there is no bombshell information that changes the "official narrative." However, what appears to be more important than the documents that were finally released, are the 4,000 pages of documents the administration REFUSES to release.

Here's a Tucker Carlson segment quoting a source with direct connections to the Kennedy investigations stating that the CIA was directly involved.


The COVID-19 narradigm is beginning to crack.

1. Millions of doses of the mRNA "shots" are being destroyed due to lack of demand.

(Remember that the CDC changed its definition of "vaccine," since the shot does not produce immunity or protect against the disease.)

Here's the CEO of Moderna telling the panel at the WEF (World Economic Forum) that he has to dump 30 million doses because nobody wants it:

2. The Pentagon has rescinded the COVID-19 mandate for our military.

3. The CDC has FINALLY begun to investigate whether the mRNA shots cause a risk of stroke.


Thanks to the release of the Twitter Files, the government "mis-information" narradigm is beginning to crack.

After the purchase of the Twitter social media platform, Elon Musk released a trove of internal documents showing how Twitter had colluded with the White House, the FBI and legacy media to silence conservative voices, de-amplify information about COVID-19 therapeutics, de-platform anyone critical of CRT and the transgender movement, and influence the 2020 election by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Here is a running list of all the Twitter file releases.

Through the run-up to the 2020 election, through the COVID-19 pandemic, through the gender identity narrative--every step of the way--the Biden administration was aided and abetted by the Justice Department, Big Tech, and the mainstream media. They all worked together to carry out the progressive Democratic Party’s agenda and to withhold information from the public.

So, no, Joe Biden -- we don't want to hear any more about what YOU deem to be a "threat to democracy."


The "Good Ol' Joe Biden" narradigm is beginning to crack.

Now that the corruption of the Biden regime is slowly being exposed, it looks like friends of the administration are starting to jump ship.

1. Classified and top secret documents were discovered at Joe Biden's office and "think-tank" in the Chinese-funded Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania. What is also known is that this discovery was made on November 2, 2022, just days before the midterm elections and was withheld from the public until January 9, 2023. To make matters worse, a second tranche of documents was found a few days later at Joe Biden's residence in Wilmington, Delaware. These documents were stashed in his garage next to his prized Corvette, while others were found strewn about his house in other locations.

What makes Biden's classified document scandal so incriminating is that Biden removed these documents during his term as Vice President under Obama. While the President of the United States has "unitary executive authority" to de-classify any document he wants; Joe Biden, as Vice President, had no more executive power to de-classify documents than you, me, or the White House janitor. Technically, that makes his Wilmington home a crime scene, as Peter Doocy of Fox News was quick to point out.

Even Andrew Weissmann, a top prosecutor in the Russia investigation against President Trump (and considered Robert Mueller's "pitbull"), took to social media to slam the Biden White House over its handling of classified documents:

2. Biden staffers are also making no bones about their dissatisfaction with how the White House is handling the discovery of classified documents. One Democrat source is quoted as saying, "They're trying to put lipstick on a pig. The problem is this week they got handed 50 pigs and one stick of lipstick."

3. In a rare, random act of journalism, CNN host Don Lemon went after Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrat leader of the Senate, for not responding the same way about Biden's classified document scandal as he did about President Trump's. It got a little heated:

4. The Democrat mayor of New York, Eric Adams, is calling out the Biden administration over their disastrous immigration policy failures.


The World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" narradigm is beginning to crack.

The WEF is exposing itself on many fronts as being an evil group of arrogant globalists who want to steal our freedoms. The WEF is convening its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, as the world's population gazes upon their extravagance.

The global elite arrived in their private planes, are enjoying the finest foods and the most elegant accommodations; while, at the same time, plotting and planning how we'll all be weaned away from fossil fuels and taught to eat bugs. Their plan is that, by 2030, we will own nothing and we'll be HAPPY.

What's different this year is that the world's population is watching closely.

Instead of the WEF's planned Great Reset, a Great Awakening is happening instead!

Be patient, Patriots. We ARE making a difference. The dam IS cracking.

The narradigm may not be weakening as fast as we'd like, but it WILL collapse.

“Sometimes there’s just no way to hold back the river.”


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2 opmerkingen

25 jan. 2023

Excellent post. To think that in a short 7 years, the government could achieve their goal is a frightening prospect. Even though we tried to warn the sheeple about vaccines and the masks and we are being proven right, the sheeple in their weakness and ineptitude are and will remain dangerous to those who tried to warn them. People lost their jobs, livelihoods and a whole lot more while those who knew were accused of wanting 'people to die'. They didn't believe 'the science' but the liars on their television. I wish it were not so.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
27 jan. 2023
Reageren op

Absolutely right on. Thanks!


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