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A Pie in the Face

When I was little, I loved slapstick comedy--and the old "pie-in-the-face" gag was one of my favorites. Whether it was Soupy Sales or The Three Stooges...every time someone got "pied," I laughed!

Just to bless your day, here's a funny compilation of people getting a pie in the face:

The key to the pie-in-the face gag is that the recipient of the pie is always surprised, shocked, and humiliated; while the thrower of the pie finds great satisfaction in it.

Well, folks, it seems that the Biden administration is continuously throwing pie after pie in our faces.

The latest "pie in the face" was the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, signed by Joe Biden on August 18, 2022.

I mentioned in my last blog post that the Inflation Reduction Act does absolutely nothing to actually reduce inflation. If you thought this bill would lower the price of groceries, or your utility bill, or what you pay at the gas pump...then close your eyes, because a pie is on its way.

The Inflation Reduction Act received NO Republican support in either the House or the Senate, although Biden said that the passage of the new law is proof that “democracy still works in America.” Umm...okay.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out in his August 17, 2022 show opener--out of the $750 BILLION price tag for this bill, $386 BILLION of it will go directly to "Green New Deal" climate initiatives.

Here are some of the initiatives that, according to the Democrats, will "reduce" inflation:

  • $3 BILLION dollars to buy the United States Postal Service new electric vehicles;

  • $3 BILLION dollars for block grants for "environmental justice";

  • $40 BILLION to the EPA for "equity and disadvantaged communities";

  • $10 MILLION for the Dept. of Agriculture to combat "racism";

  • $2 MILLION to the General Services Administration;

  • $220 MILLION to the Bureau of Indian Affairs;

  • $23 MILLION to the Office of Native Hawaiian Relations;

  • $350 MILLION to the Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council;

  • $7,500 tax credit for buyers of new electric vehicles (interestingly, both Ford and GM announced, PRIOR to the signing of this bill, that they were raising prices on their electric vehicles by about the same amount);

  • Subsidies to electric vehicle manufactures, some of which are CANADIAN manufacturers (yep, our tax dollars are leaving the country to help Canadian employment).

Major left-wing media outlets are even admitting that the name, "Inflation Reduction Act," is a marketing ploy because it does nothing to reduce inflation. Democrats in Congress who voted for the bill ADMIT that they have no idea HOW it will reduce inflation--or even if it ever will.

Senator Joe Manchin, (D-WV), who once held out against passage of this bill, sold out his constituents in West Virginia (along with the rest of the country) after he was wooed by Bill Gates. Yes, Bill Gates--the billionaire who is buying up U.S. farmland, is a green energy activist, and stands to benefit from all the green subsidies--met with Joe Manchin to "persuade" him to change his mind on voting for the bill.

Even after voting for the bill, Senator Manchin admitted that it won't lower inflation. When questioned by a reporter, he replied, "Why would it?"

Here's Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) explaining exactly how the bill will lower inflation:

In addition to all the other initiatives in the bill, the Inflation Reduction Act levies significant taxes and regulations on our fossil fuel industry. Industry groups warn that this will serve to further cripple our domestic fossil fuel industry and increase costs for the consumer.

But, as I mentioned in my last post, one of the most egregious aspects of the bill--and a pie that could be thrown in our faces BIG time-- is $80 BILLION for the IRS to increase enforcement of taxes by hiring 87,000 new agents. It's being reported that 70,000 of these new IRS hires are to be armed. Essentially, the Democrats have created a standing army of IRS agents to enforce its will. Americans once fought a revolution over acts of tyranny such as this.

To highlight the nature of this threat, Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie posted pictures of the IRS recruiting program for the armed agent training. Here's a clip of an actual IRS training video:

So now, the regime is going to be using deadly force on common, everyday citizens; while, at the same time, ignoring rampant insider trading, illicit gains, and fraud by politicians?

Inflation will certainly be reduced. Yeah, right.

Another pie in the face came this week when the CDC admitted that they've been wrong.

Yep, they've changed their COVID-19 guidelines to what many of us have been saying all along. Among other things, the CDC now says regardless of vaccination status:

  • Quarantines are unnecessary.

  • Six-foot social distancing is unnecessary.

  • Daily testing for those exposed to the virus is unnecessary.

  • Students and employees exposed to the virus, but without symptoms, may stay in class or at work.

  • Masking is only recommended for the exposed and those who test positive for the virus.

  • Those with COVID symptoms should stay home for five days and/or until they are fever-free for 24 hours.

Funny how these guidelines are remarkably similar to those for the flu.

Small businesses and restaurants had to spend millions of dollars to comply with government COVID regulations (e.g. putting X's and footprint stickers on floors for social distancing, limiting numbers of customers, etc.) and many were bankrupted and forced to close their doors for good. Tens of thousands of Americans lost their jobs because they refused to get jabbed with an experimental vaccine that has been proven to be ineffective and dangerous. How many healthcare workers, first responders, and members of our military were discharged for refusing to take the jab? The shot cartel in Washington insisted that those who refused the vaccine were a threat to society and vilified them. Mainstream and social media punished, censored, and de-platformed anyone who spoke out against the vaccine.

Here's an idea--how about instead of hiring 87,000 new IRS agents, we spend $80 Billion dollars re-hiring, with back pay, all those healthcare workers, military men and women, and employees who were fired for refusing the jab?

Here's a pie in the face from the well-known Democrat political strategist and activist, James Carville. We already know that the progressive left thinks Trump supporters and parents who stand up to local school boards are "domestic terrorists." And that anyone who supports the Constitution is a racist. And that anyone who believes that children should not be exposed to pornography in schools, or encouraged to change genders, is transphobic and homophobic. Well, get ready for the pie. Mr. Carville just thinks we're all just plain stupid:

For far too long, the American people have been patsies and the butt of jokes that have been played on us, We blindly comply with dictates and mandates out of fear, and the misguided belief that the government has our best interests at heart. It's obvious that they do not.

When the government and the media censor and control the free flow of information, you know a pie in the face is coming.

We need to think for ourselves and not outsource our thinking to anyone else. We need to find the courage to follow our own hearts and internal guidance, and not let others inject us with their propaganda.

"Let them have a laugh at you...nevertheless, the last laugh should always come from you."

-Arul Anand


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2 kommentarer

26 aug. 2022

Another great, informative writing Dale. Please keep them coming, I get most of my information from your writings. The one thing I did not do was listen to James Carville, can’t stand the man, never could.

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
27 aug. 2022

Thank you! I'll try to keep them coming.


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