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The Missing Link

A lot has happened since I posted my "Freedom's Last Stand" blog this past Tuesday.

The world is now singularly focused on the events occurring in Ukraine.

Over the last week or so, some of you have asked me to explain what I think is happening with the Russian invasion.

As I began my research and started reading article after article on Ukraine and Russia, it quickly became apparent that there are countless conflicting arguments, angles, reports and perspectives as to the rationale behind the invasion...and it all leads down the rabbit hole to more questions. Who are the true "white hats," and who are the "dark hats"? What is really going on, and why? One thing of which I feel certain--what we are being told by the mainstream media is NOT the whole story. In fact, there may be no truth to what we are being told at all. So, I'm tabling this discussion for another blog post until things become more clear. In the meantime, stay calm, Patriots. Pray for the people of Ukraine and surrounding territories. Pray that our leaders are granted wisdom in resolving these issues for the greater good. What we do know for sure is that truth, light and justice WILL prevail!

Which brings me back to what's going on in Canada.

While the world's attention is diverted to eastern Europe and Russia, let's check out a curious series of events:

On February 14, 2022, Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. Subsequently, Canada's parliament voted, on February 21, 2022, to extend the Act for 30 days. In order to punish the Freedom truckers and anyone who contributed to their cause, the government also began freezing private bank accounts.

Canadians reacted to this tyrannical order by rushing to the banks to withdraw their money (even from retirement accounts, where they had to pay a penalty for early withdrawal). The degree to which this action by the Canadian government caused an actual "bank run" isn't known for sure.

BUT, on a personal note, I can tell you that Canada's action caused my wife and me to close our account at a large multi-national bank that does business in Canada and deposit our funds in a local bank. As I reported in the last blog, we had made a donation to the Freedom Convoy through GiveSendGo. This crowd-funding platform was hacked; and there is speculation that it was done by someone affiliated with, or paid by, the Canadian government. We were doxxed along with 92,000 other donors who had their personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, IP address and donation amounts) leaked online. Our personal information is now accessible for mal-intent on the Dark Web. We are witnessing first hand what happens if you are deemed to have supported the "wrong" cause.

The pressure on Canadian donors intensified after this happened--their names and addresses were published online in a clickable link to a Google Map with pins showing all donor addresses located in Ontario.

But, back to our timeline. And here's the curious part...

On February 23, 2022, just nine days after Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act, and a mere 48 hours after a 30-day extension was approved by Parliament, Trudeau suddenly announced that he was lifting the Act. He also announced the government would un-freeze bank accounts.

Wait...WHAT? Why the sudden turnaround?

Let's look a little closer.

I found an article from The Conservative Treehouse that's the best I've seen in shedding some light on this strange situation.

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland announced they would use the Emergency Act to freeze funds from truckers and anyone who supported them, they didn't realize how things would backfire. Not only had they jeopardized the integrity of the Canadian banking system by causing massive withdrawals, but the Canadian public now no longer trusted their banks and financial institutions. This, then, threw sand in the gears of the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) goals for the Great Reset and the implementation of a global digital ID.

Watch this 2-minute video by the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) about digital IDs and how it directly refers to the WEF's goal:

Given that the CBA was the very structure that was going to help usher in the WEF's digital ID, Trudeau's targeted actions of blocking citizens' access to their bank accounts caused major alarm to the WEF. They couldn't afford to have Canadians distrust the banking system when the banks are a critical link in the chain for the implementation of the digital ID.

By Trudeau reversing course so quickly, it certainly appears that he was taken to the WEF's woodshed and given a good talkin' to. Trudeau single-handedly undermined the Canadian citizenry's trust in the financial system and impeded the WEF's plan.

That's the funny thing about trust, once it's lost, it's hard to get back.

We've heard countless times from the WEF that the COVID-19 pandemic is a unique opportunity to advance the goals of the Great Reset and its aim to "Build Back Better." Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab said, "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world."

Here's Trudeau saying those very same words himself:

It's not an accident, then, that the WEF is at the heart of this sudden flip-flop of Canadian policy.

But their plan is now out in the open. You see, it’s a chain. A chain they've been forging, link by link, for a very long time.

Here are the steps:

  • Keep the vaccination push alive via COVID-19 fear-mongering and mandates;

  • Implement a vaccination passport so that "life can return to normal."

  • Push for more and more vaccinations and boosters to keep the digital vaccination passport process in place;

  • Use the vaccination passport registration to track and monitor people's behavior.

  • As everyone becomes accustomed to the technology, add more and more data to the ID, giving governments control over individual privacy and freedom.

The completed chain would be a fully functional comprehensive digital ID social credit tracking system.

Everything they seek is contingent upon keeping the COVID-19 narrative alive.

Under the guise of creating a vaccine passport system to keep us all "safe," our digital identity and our very lives will be encoded on that QR code on our phones.

Currently, New Zealand, Australia, France and other European countries are using vaccine passports. New York City now requires it to enter private businesses, as does Los Angeles.

Spinning this out a little further presents a much darker, dystopian view of what's coming our way. And since the initial stages of this have happened to my wife and me, we've already personally experienced some of the fear it engenders.

Imagine, if you will, simply trying to live your life under a digital ID system. Even now, EVERYTHING about you is considered marketable data: your personal information, name, address, age, health information, medical history, social media profiles, driver's license, the type of car you drive, insurance status, voting history, criminal records, lifestyle choices, gun ownership, religion, etc.

When the digital ID system is fully implemented, you will not live a life as you know it today.

Just try to imagine:

  • You go to the grocery store to buy some ground beef and find out when you show your ID at checkout, you've already consumed your allotment of meat for the month. Your purchase is denied.

  • Your dog is not licensed or hasn't gotten a rabies vaccination, so you can't buy dog food at the pet store until you correct that situation.

  • You haven't gotten the latest required booster, so the grocery store won't permit you to enter to buy food until you get boosted and your data is uploaded.

  • You drive a gas-guzzling SUV so you can only buy a limited amount of gasoline. Switch to an electric vehicle and you can drive as much as you like.

  • Your house isn't insulated to green standards, so you'll pay a higher interest rate on your home mortgage.

  • The GPS in your phone detects that you've driven beyond your designated allowable quarantine safety radius. Your car's ignition will be locked. You must now stay confined to your home.

  • Voted for the wrong candidate? Contributed to an unauthorized charity or cause? Donated to a Freedom Convoy? Sorry, your bank account is frozen.

This isn't science fiction, folks. No, it's crystal clear where we're headed. And it's downright chilling.

And oh, by the way...Joe Biden quietly just extended indefinitely the U.S. national emergency over COVID-19 that was due to expire March 1. So, yeah, it's coming.

But there IS some good news.

A chain is built link-by-link. If there's a link missing, it can't be completed.

And in the WEF Great Reset chain...that missing link is you and me. They need US and our willing compliance to complete the chain. WE are the missing link!

By standing up to the tyranny of the global elites and not bending the knee to their demands, we are keeping that chain from being completed.

Our compliance is all they need, and they are rapidly seeing that it's not happening as easily as they had planned.

Many thanks, again, to the Canadian Freedom truckers for showing the world how it's done.

"Once any tyranny becomes accepted as ordinary, its victory is assured."

-David Mitchell


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Feb 25, 2022

WOW Dale, your last two posts are extremely scary but very necessary! By that I mean yes scary because of recent current events but your postings bring clarity regarding response to these events. The beginning and origin of the Covid pandemic to name the most important event to date and all the requirements mandated by the Government in response such as vaccinations, Boosters, masks and seclusions! It is becoming abundantly clear where we are headed, Government control of every aspect of our lives and the end of all our freedoms!! I am encouraged although because more and more I am hearing people speaking out. Once again Dale, thank you for keeping us informed!!

Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Feb 25, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Jeri. Yes things are scary but, as you said, more people are waking up to the truth of what’s happening. I believe that it’s going to take the darkness to expose the corruption. It’s hard to watch but we try to stay calm and don’t let fear rule us. -Dale


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